☆2012 in Pictures☆


Since 2012 is over, i want to show you the last year in form of pictures af oll 12 month^-^
i really had a great year, even when it started really sad.
i want to thank everyone who made my days really fun and i am so thankful to my family, friends and of course all my follower ^-^
so lets start:
home party at Kristina´s
one of the best month!
i went with Nina to France, Paris for the K-POP Music Bank Festival and saw my fav. band BEAST there~ than i saw BEAST at the Airport in Berlin and at the concert in Berlin hahaha <3, i also went to a Chris Rea concert, got a new iPod, met many friends, and got a letter that my papers for the exchange year in Japan were accepted~

i went to the Simple Plan concert in Berlin <3, went to the Book Fair in Leipzig, met Japanese friends, got my first DIAVLO bag

i spent easter holidays alone at home, ´cause of reports i had to write..., but i met my lovely friend Anne the first time during this month <3, there was the cherry blossom event in Berlin, i met many other friends, visited my grandmas place and much more~

spring <3, i went to the Spreewald with my family and relatives, met Anne and Stefan <3, went to many restaurants, bubble tea, ....
i went to Düsseldorf and visited the Japan Day, met Thanh Thao, Theresa, Anne, Stefan, Julia, Pila~, Anne and Stefan visited me in my hometown, bubble tea, party, etc etc
i went to a 4 day trip to the baltic sea with my dad, visited an amusement park, met many friends~<3
 i got the acceptance letter from Chuo University here in Japan, met maaaaany friends, went clubbing and to open airs, visited my best friend in her hometown <3 

met all of my friends again for the last time before leaving to Japan, went clubbing, moved to Japan, met Melissa, went shopping, welcome party at my university, nomikai,....

i met my friends, went to Tokyo Girls Collection, went to a Hanabi, received a Jang Geun Suk autograph <3, Halloween Party, Yokohama, Asakusa, Dorm Party, Hiking, found Etude House store, went to Hair-Make and Make-Up Artist, went to a zoo, etc~

went to Kamakura, went to school festival at Rikkyo Uni, went to my own school festival, went with Erina, Tomomi and her friends to Fuji-Q hihgland, went to alice cafe, on my birthday i visited Disneyland, went hiking to see Momiji, saw christmas illumination, went to a japanese middle school, etc etc etc

went to GAL meet in Yokohama, went to Ueno and Odaiba on Christmas, Okonomiyaki with the circle in Tachikawa, illumination in Tachikawa and omotesando, AYU concert on 31st <3

of course so much more happened but than i would need hours to finish this post hahaha
i hope you enjoyed ^-^
thank you for reading!!!
bye bye~~


  1. Ach Süße, du kannst dir gar nicht vostellen, wie doll wir uns freuen, dich bald wieder zu sehen!! Ich vermisse dich echt voll ;__;
    Dein jahresrückblick ist voll toll geworden ♥
    Liebe Grüße

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