☆K-Pop Party + Outfit Check + meeting my friends☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
here is one outfit pic from last wednesday.
i met Pila for shopping this day
 hair band: Primark
blouse: Primark
top: SBY 109
shorts: Pimkie
boots: off brank
bag: Diavlo
 on friday there was the first k-pop party here in Berlin!!!
omg it was so so amazing!! <3
best party night ever!
my outfit looked like this...nothing special ><
shirt:Tally Weijl
top: Blue Planet
shorts: Pimkie
tights: Tutuanna
belt: Pimie
boots: off brand

here is a vid~
omg i was so drunk hahaha~

Pila and me left the club about 5:00 in the morning.
i hope we can go clubbing once again before i leave for Japan ;A;...
about 7:00 i met Anne and Stefan for picking up our lovely friend Thanh Thao from the airport!
so there was no sleep for me >///<
first we decided to have some breakfast~
i didn´t ate much...
cute Thanh Thao and ugly me >< i look so fucked up...i felt like a zombie this day haha
afterwards we went to the Neotokyo :D
(c) Thanh Thao
me, Anne, Stefan :D
than we went to Bubbles!! <3
(c) Thanh Thao
 pineapple, green apple and jasmin tea!
omg i was so tired, i couldn´t even drink bbt this day lol
(c) Thanh Thao
than we visited the cathedral, brandenburg gate and the reichstag.
a Predator in front of the brb gate xD
i love this place :)
cute Anne and Thanh Thao~
in the evening we went to a japanese restaurant.
i just had a mini ramen set, ´cause i wasn´t hungry the whole day ><
afterwards Thanh Thao and me went to my place!
i received so cute presents from her and Theresa ;A;
 thank you so so much!!! <3333

after 36 hours of no sleep i finally fell half dead into my bed lol~
on the next day we met Anne and Stefan again at Alexanderplatz :D
i´m so tall ;A;....
well, first we had some bbt at Alexanderplatz and went to the Mauerpark!
every sunday there are so many people :D
we were waiting for the karaoke show which is held every sunday about 15:00!
Annes great phone haha so cute Rilakkuma :D
shortly before the show began it started to rain...
so we decided to go to Annes and Stefans place!
they have such a cute rabbit *///*
Thanh Thao got some presents from Anne and Stefan~
afterwards we started cooking dinner!
we made gyoza and okonomiyaki :D
super yummy <3
in the evening we went to a Karaoke bar :D
Stefan is dancing to Big Bang songs haha :D
it was such a funny day :D
today in the morning Thanh Thao had to go back to Düsseldorf!
we had a really great weekend!
thanks to everyone!


  1. oh mit hangover irgendwohin gehen und ohne schlaf ist RICHTIG böse. Kenn ich zu gut :D
    Aber deine Outfits sind LIEBE! Und wie schön, dass du so tolle Leute getroffen hast ^-^

  2. Beautiful photos!
    Your outfits are amazing! I love ur style :3 :)

  3. Ahhh wie geil xD Darf ich ein paar Pics von dir klauen?? Ich muss auch noch einen Eintrag schreiben.
    Wir hatten echt so viel Spaß, so traurig, dass das Wochenende schon vorbei ist ;A; Und ich bin schon so traurig, dass du bald weg bist. Deshalb müssen wir dich dann bald besuchen kommen!!!
    Liebe Grüße ♥

  4. haha ich glaub bei dem karaoke laden waren wir vorm jyj con XD ein tag vorher oder so
    aber wir waren in dem kleinen raum :P

    und süßes outfit <3

  5. Es war ein so tolles WE, so schnell werd ich das nicht vergesen! Danke nochmal an euch alle, ich hoff wir sehen uns ganz schnell in Tokyo wieder!! :) Dann machne wir die Game Hallen und Karaoke Bars unsicher!

  6. your outfit 'from last wednesday' is simply and cute! like it ^_^
    and you got nice presents *_*

  7. OMG!!!!!! (T////////////T) Ich vefluche diesen miesen Semesterbeitrag!!!!!! (T_T) Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ich wäre so gern dabei gewesen ;0; Ihr saht erstmal alle so süß aus ;o; Und es sah anch so viel Spaß aus ;0;
    Ist das eine Art Gyoza-Zange?? geil! :D
    Freut mich, dass die Sachen dir gefallen haben, vll kannst du was damit anfangen^^ Maaa hätte dich so gern nochmal getroffen vor Japan ;0; <3