☆Open Air + Clubbing☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
what´s up???~~
wow the weather right now here in Germany is just AWESOME!!!!
more than 30°C! wuhaaaa~ :D
yesterday i went with my friends Laina and Nina to an Open Air under a bridge near Alexanderplatz, here in Berlin!!!
  it was so great :D
 such a cool location!!!! <3
here´s a short vid for an impression!!
afterwards we went clubbing!!~~
Nina forgot her ID so she couldn´t enter the club... :(
but Laina and me went nevertheless~
i had 2 guest list places so we could enter the club for free :D <3
thanks to my friend Marion who is working for the club and is also a DJ there :D <3
about 01:00 there was a band called "the mouse folk" playing!
omg, they were so awesome!!!!!!!
please check out their soundcloud and enjoy the awesome music *_*/))~
what a great night <3
today i met Pila~
we had bubble tea, ice cream and were just enjoying the nice weather~
best bbt store in berlin!!!~~~ <3
thanks for readiiiiiiiing~~! <3
bye bye


  1. Was war das fuern Open Air? o__o" Sieht total cool aus, da waer ich auch gern hingegangen! >_< Und ah, innem Club war ich schon seit Jahrhunderten nicht mehr, ich bin meist viel zu faul so weit irgendwohin zu fahren... xD"

  2. So amazing photos! Beautiful post :))
    In Czech was 35°C :D

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment! ^-^