☆North Sea - Bremen/Bremerhaven - Day 4☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
on Tuesday we went to Bremerhaven and Bremen!
in Bremerhaven we visited an old U - Boat!
 here are some pics from the inside!
so interesting :D
it was really interesting exploring this u-boat :D
afterwards we had lunch at McD!
yessss, we got the special 2012 olympic glass, ´cause we bought set meal!
afterwards we went to Bremen for a little sightseeing again, ´cause the day before it was raining!
at McD we had some cake and caramel macchiato!
than we visited the cathedral!
 really impressive!
pretty Eileen!!! <3
awesome old district of Bremen!
such a cute dress!!!! i want this in my size ;A; i love sailor style <3
also for boys! so cute <3
Icke haha!! it means "I" in Berlin slang!
cute wedding house <3

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  1. oh ihr wart im schnoor ♥
    der ist so schön *_*

    uboot yay 8D