☆1000 Follower!!! + North Sea - Bremen/Bremerhaven - Day 1-2☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing?
first of all THANK YOU so much for 1000+ Follower!!!! ;A;
i´m so so happy <3 ;////;

now i want to talk about my little trip to the north sea!
last saturday my friend Eileen and me went to her hometown near Bremen/Bremerhaven by train.
we took the train about 7:15 from Berlins central station.
we were soooo tired ;o;
before that we had "breakfast" at McD!
caramel machiato and chicken nuggets....lol
after changing trains for 2 times, we arrived about 11:00 near her home town, where Eileens dad picked us up from the station!
first we took a little walk thorugh her hometown!
here, the epic beaver fountain!
so cute :D
in the afternoon we had an awesome BBQ!!!! *____*
and cptn. morgan was one of our best friends this evening LOL!
in the evening we made a nice campfire
epic fire is epic xD
it was a really great day!
on Sunday Eileen, her parents and me went to Bremerhaven.
first to the mudflat!
cute Eileen~
next we went to the harbor!
afterwards we went to Bremerhaven city!
we had some awesome sundae at the ice café! *o*
strawberry sundae *o*/
in the afternoon we went to the Zoo!!! i love going to t
he zoo!!!! *///*/))

it was such a great day :D
thank youuu!!


  1. whaaaaaaaa herzlichen glückwunsch zu den viele follower*v* bin ganz neidisch XD
    die fotos sind sooo schön und so "urlaubig" XD<3

  2. ahhh herzlichen glückwunsch und ich liebe bremen und bremerhaven <3

  3. Glückwunsch!! :D
    Uhaa <3 der Otter und dieser Polarfuchs (?) sind so niedlich o(;_;o)

  4. Woah.. wie immer so tolle Bilder *__*

  5. I congratulate you on 1000 followers!^^

    With love, Kate.