☆North Sea - Bremen/Bremerhaven - Day 3☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
today i have time to write so many posts to show you some pics of my vacation at the north sea!
so on Monday Eileen and me went to Bremen for shopping!
firt we went to Waterfront!
we saw a Mustang at the parking area >///< <3
 i like *o*
at Primark i got this:
violet pants, socks, tights, towels, undies, skirt, and pictures!
(just for 50€!!!)
afterwards we went to the city center of Bremen!
cute Eileen with Bob!
at Saturn i bought new DVDs!
 Alien vs. Predator 1-2 and Bloodsport (i like J.C. van Damme *3*)
The Bremen Town Musicians
Bremen is a really great town :D

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  1. bremen is like ..not the most exciting town in germany but the most pretty ha ha ♥