☆Ayumi Hamasaki Calendar 2011 + Love Songs Album + KAT-TUN NMP DVD + x-mas gets + MISSHA☆

!!!Hi GAL´s!!!
ドキドキ!!!!!Thank you for 305 Followers!!!!!ドキドキ
!I am so happy!
I should do a new GIVEAWAY soon!!! ラブラブ
(when i have more time....あせる)
TODAY I received my order from CD JAPAN!!!!!
omg i love the FedEx delivery service!!!!!ラブラブ
it just needs 3 days and there were NO custom feesビックリマーク it´s like a dream ドキドキにひひチョキ 
well i ordered the new calendar from Ayumi and also her new album.ラブラブ
and of course the new KAT-TUN live DVD!!!!!ドキドキドキドキ ドキドキ
 (there is also a NEWS DVD for my friend Kokoラブラブ)

1st the calendar:
arwww she is so beautiful ne?!ラブラブ
i want to be that pretty too ....しょぼん汗

2nd: the album:
i bought the special edition with a DVD, USB stick and micro SD card.
The album is called ´Love songs´ラブラブ音譜
the packaging is so huge!!目
there also was this big photo book.キラキラ
here is one of my fav pages.ラブラブ
gladly i have a japanese cell phone携帯, so i can use the micro SD card and watch the PV´s and listen to the songs. ドキドキ 
sadly it´s not compatible with non Asian phones携帯~ so i am lucky girlドキドキ女の子

 oh btw i got an extra present.プレゼント
it´s a sticker sheet hehe ラブラブ
cute ne?!

normaly i don´t buy dvd´s or cd´s right when it´s released but this time i had to buy THIS DVD because i went to a KAT-TUN concert in Tokyo this summer!! so i couldn´t wait any longer for this DVD haha にひひチョキ
right after the concert i wanted the DVD lol 
it wasn´t even recorded at this time haha にひひ
can´t wait to watch it!!!!ラブラブラブラブラブラブ

ah i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time.ドキドキ
i went to my grandparents´ house during christmas家
there were a looooot of snow!!!!!雪の結晶雪の結晶雪の結晶
we also had a cute christmas tree クリスマスツリー hehe
sadly i didn´t had time to celebrate christmas properly because i had to study for university from morning until night all the daysガーン汗ダウン.....really annoying....パンチ!

but i also got some presents ラブラブプレゼント
it´s a book about Tokyo, socks, pants (H&M), a necklace, pajama, bed linen 
and sweets and money ¥
i didn´t get this much because during the whole year i got huge presents from my parents...e.g. they payed for my trip to Tokyo, i got a new room make-over, and a new notebook....and much more~ 
but i am glad i got this necklace!!!キラキラ
i wanted this for some weeks but it was everywhere sold out but my mom ordered it somehow via the internet リボンドキドキキスマーク haha
it´s so ANK ROUGE style, so i wanted it so badly !!!ラブラブ!
arw i used a new face mask righ now!!ラブラブ
normally i have masks from ETUDE HOUSE but now i tried a new brand called MISSHA.
It´s also an Korean brand.ラブラブ
and it´s also veeery good!!!!!  i love face masks btw.ニコニコ
if you have the chance please try it!!!グッド!
right now i am addicted to FT Islands song ´I Hope´!!!ドキドキ
it´s so great!!

How do you like it?音譜
クラッカー!!!I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!クラッカー

Good Night ぐぅぐぅ
Thank you for reading!!!


  1. Hi pretty!!!, how are you?? happy new year

  2. i love kat-tun its so cool n.n

    the song i hope its great i love it too n.n

    happy new year =)

  3. Super cute post dear.
    SO sad you had to study ='(
    But your presents look cool, I only got a box cookies.
    But I didn't mind, they were delicious;

    And I wish you a Happy New Year too ^__^

  4. aaah! adoro el álbum!!!! es super kawaii */////*
    jaja, yo también he tenido que estudiar estas navidades T.T.
    Me encanta la canción

  5. Jippiii!!!!
    Mensch, da endet das Jahr ja echt super bei dir!
    Und auch bei mir!
    Haste dir die DVD denn nun noch angesehen????
    Wenn ja, musst du uns schreiben, wie sie ist ^^
    Ich freue mich schon meine DVD in Händen zu halten...

    Liebe Grüße von
    Koko =)

  6. *neid*
    und sooooo toll sehen die Sachen aus...

    ich will auch T_____T

  7. your blog is so cute!!
    feel free to follow xxo

    Omgosh. You got the Kattun DVD; I'm so jealousss >__<"!!

    Oh, did you just watch Johnny's Countdown? Kattun was being so cute hehe <3 !

    Thanks for being such an awesome friend !! ^^

  9. happy happy new year! :3 you have so many cute stuff, i'm really jealous =_=" i'd like to watch the kat-tun concert.. and i love ft island, of course i like their song i hope pretty much, too :D hehehe

    ShuShu ♥

  10. Frohes neues Jahr liebe NeNe :-)) Und danke nochmal für die tolle Überraschung, die dir so gelungen ist. Ich habe mich riesig gefreut!!!

    Mein Brief an dich ist schon fertig, ich schicks bald mit anderen Kleinigkeiten ab :-) Hoffe du freust dich auch.

    Bis bald!!!

  11. Eine Frage:Wenn man vom Narita Airport zum Sakura Ikebukuro Hotel möchte,ist der Bahnhof "im" Narita airport oder außerhalb....und kommt man ohne japanisch Kentnisse durch die Bahnhöfe was Tickets und so angeht?Und gibt es irgendwo Tagestickets???sind die Automaten nur auf englisch??

  12. @anonymus
    der busbhf ist direkt vor dem airport. man kommt raus und steht vor der haltestelle.
    im foyer kurz vorher sind an den seiten schalter wo du dein busticket kaufen kannst. am airport verstehen alle englisch. also das dürfte nicht das problem sein.
    man kann auch mit zug fahren, die fahren dann unteriridisch...
    die ticketautomaten an den bahnhöfen kann man auch alle in englisch umstellen~
    tagestickets gibt es nicht. man zahlt immer streckenweise. oder du besorgst dir eine PASMO oder SUICA card wo du geld drauf laden kannst und nicht immer eine neue fahrkarte hohlen musst~

  13. hey NeNe :) ich wünsche dir ein gutes neues Jahr!
    oh Gott ich liebe deinen Blog! er ist so supersüß <3

    auf meiner Seite verkaufe ich süße japanische Accessoires, die auch dir gefallen könnten. vielleicht findest du was :)

    Liebste Grüße ^.^

  14. Congratulations!Very beautiful CD and a calendar! =^_^=

  15. Happy New Year!!
    I love Ayu music too ^^
    The Cd and the calendar are beautiful.

  16. Tabea~!
    I just received your letter today ^-^! HONTOU NI ARIGATOU~! <3 Ah because I've been busy lately, I haven't been able to send out the letter yet >_<" But at least I can include a reply with this! Hopefully you'll get it soon :3 Gomen ><"


  17. Hello there... ^.^ Visiting you here. I hope we could be good friends. Do you mind if we follow each others blogs? Take care. ;)

  18. you're soooo sweet :)


  19. Aww NeNe! I can't believe I didn't post a comment on your blog for so long!!! :S I think I missed an update or something, there's no way to explain it...
    First of all: Merry belated Christmas and happy belated New Year!! ^^ I hope everything is going well in uni, good luck!! And don't forget to relax from time to time ^^

  20. a very beautiful CD box Ayu!
    I really love your blog!