☆NEW Stuff+J-POP Order+Disney on Ice+Playful Kiss☆

!!!Hi GAL´s!!!
ドキドキ!!!!!Thank you for 298 Followers!!!!!ドキドキ
!I am so happy!
And I´m sorry for posting just a few times a month....しょぼん
for next year i plan to write more often アップ
well i don´t know where to start writing this post about haha あせる
so i want to show you what lovely presents i´ve got from my best friend Yune-chan!!ラブラブ!ラブラブ
it´s KAT-TUN and Hello Kitty stuff and a coupon for CLAIRE´s!!ドキドキキラキラ
thank you so so much again!!!キスマークラブラブ
check out her cute blog!!ドキドキ
My parents decorated our christmas tree~クリスマスツリー
my sister and me were really impressed haha にひひチョキ
we had an early christmas party with my aunt and grandma because we won´t see each other on christmas day.キラキラ i got a lot of money and nice parfum and hello kitty charm ドキドキプレゼント
so cuteドキドキ
i also received my new hat.手紙
well i received that hat with my liz lisa stuff some weeks ago but this one back then was Yune-chans b-day present and they forgot to send 2 of them. so i had to wait until my hat arrives haha 汗
but now it´s here!!!ラブラブ
Tsubasa has the same one hehe にひひドキドキ
hm....on Wednesday i went to a café with my dad コーヒーケーキ
we ate yummy waffles hehe
in the evening i ordered Ayu´s new calendar for next year and her new album (special edition)!!!
can´t wait to receive it!!! ドキドキニコニコ
i also pre-ordered the new KAT-TUN live DVD!!! because i went to one of their concerts in summer,  i had to buy it right when it´s released!!!!!!ドキドキ can´t wait to get the DVD because the concert was so so awesome!!!アップドキドキ
on Friday and Saturday Yune and me met our penpal Hiro from Japan.日本
he visited Berlin for 4 days so we showed him the city チョキ
on Friday we picked him up from the central station and brought him to his hotel 電車
in the evening we went to Disneyisney on Ice!!! mickeyスティッチ
we bought the tickets on the same day where the musical was held so we were really lucky to get them!! クラッカー
during the show アップ
it was so lovely and Hiro liked it too! so we were happy ニコニコアップ
before going to the musical we showed him the Christmas Market!!!キラキラ
he was so impressed, it was really cute haha にひひ
on saturday we made a little sightseeing tour.アップ
it was so so cold on this day!!!雪の結晶雪
on Sunday i went to my uncles birthday party!! he turned 60, so it was a big party at a great hotel.キラキラクラッカー
this was the room ラブラブ
and here is the entrance hall of the hotelラブラブ
so beautiful and noble ドキドキキラキラ
today i wrote letters and packed packages for my lovely penpals!!!キスマークドキドキ
 working place hehe にひひ
i hope you girls are happy!!!ラブラブ
if someone wants to write letters with me just ask me~ i would be happy  ドキドキニコニコ

oh last week i finished watching an awesome Korean Drama called ´Playful Kiss´!!!キスマークドキドキ
do you know it????
Kim Hyun Joong is one of the main characters!!!! arwww he is so so hot haha ラブラブ!
he is the leader of SS501!! i think you know them ne??!ドキドキ
if not here is one of my fav. PV´s!!! arw love loveドキドキ
 how do you like it???ニコニコ

oh and today i found such a wonderful song from Kame!!!!ドキドキドキドキドキドキ
i never heard it before~ so i was so happy that i´ve found it!!!
his performance is also very beautiful.~ like always hehe ニコニコチョキラブラブ
Kamenashi Kazuya - Aishiteru kara (Because I love You)
what do you think about it??? ラブラブ
well, that´s it for todayニコニコチョキ

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!!!!クリスマスツリープレゼント
i am going to my grandmas place during Christmas so i can´t post~
 Good Night ぐぅぐぅ
Thank you for reading!!!


  1. Teehee I will have to check out that Korean drama... he is a fine looking man :)

    Is Ayumi Hamasaki a singer? If so I might have to check her out too. Gosh I love finding new music through other people :D

    Now I will have to listen to the song by Kame *has never listened to songs by Kat-tun* (hides) >.<

  2. kim hyun joong is my favorite actor/singer n.n! and that drama is great =D

  3. I do not like drama, but Kim Hyun Jung cute ^ _ ^
    Very cool hat, nice colors :)

  4. NIce presents you got ^-^
    I am in love with the purple hat, so cute!
    And it's great you got to meet your penpal, I can't wait to meet my penpals one day :D!

  5. Heheh. You're going to be getting a letter soon ;) ! <3 And ahhh you're such a fan of Kat-tun!!! :D I haven't heard much of their songs ..but I still love Kame and Jin *-*!!! Mmmm.

    Merry Christmas !!! <3

  6. i love kim hyun joong!! *////////* he is very beautiful ^^
    Merry Christmas to you too ^^
    Kisses ♥♥

  7. HAHA, you are the cutest <3

    I like KAT-TUN : D -dances- They're so cute! But Ayumi? Eckkk

  8. hihi <3 ja, jetzt bin ich auch bei blogspot. :-3 nach zwei jahren ameba musste einfach was neues her! dein blog hier war der erste, bei dem ich auf "follow" gedrückt hab x-D und ich freu mich, dass du mich wiedererkannt hast, haha <3
    die lizlisa mütze ist super schön *A* ich liebe die farben! ich hoffe, du postest demnächst mal ein foto, auf dem du sie trägst :-3
    und die fotos von der feier deines onkels sehen so nobel aus! war sicher eine tolle feier ^^v

  9. oh wow, das klingt ja nach einer schönen zeit *~* wo hast du die liz lisa mütze bestellt, direkt von denen, oder über einen anderen shop?
    kat-tun macht echt gute musik, ich hör die auch gerne :3 und das ist ja mal megacool, dass dein japanischer brieffreund dich besuchen kam!!!! ich will auch! =_=""

    ShuShu ♥

  10. Your Christmas tree looks very lovely, and you got so many nice items recently! The Disney on Ice looks so cute and fun, I wish I could have been there too XD

  11. Nene!!!!!

    Ich freu ich schon so auf dein Briefchen!! :-)) Ich glaube ich weiß schon welches für mich ist, hehe. Ich werde dir auf jeden Fall auch was schreiben, :-) Aber es wird wohl dann im Januar erst ankommen :-)

    Wenn du mal irgendwas aus Japan brauchst, ich hab ja noch mein deutsches konto, also kann ich gerne für dich shopping service spielen :-))

    Dir auch ein ganz frohes Weihnachstfest und bis bald! *kisses and hugs from Tokyo*

  12. aww i love that wool hat! i want one myself too :p

  13. Wuuu kim hyun joong rocks! かっこいいでしね。




  14. Oh you are addicted in Kattun?I think it's Kattun's song where they sing "Gambatte, Gambatte..." lol and so on. I want this song in my iPodXD kawaii-hat<3

  15. woah disney on ice!
    neid ey ; w ;

    bzw wollen wir uns auch briefe schreiben? XDD ♥

    achja um auf deine frage zu antworten
    dieses weiße flausch pompom haargummi is von bijou brigitte ♥

  16. Das neue Ayu-Album werd ich mir auch bald kaufen gehen~<3

    Oh, und Disney on Ice hört sich echt toll an!! Ich mag Eislaufshows oder normale Küren zum anschauen total gerne, aber als ich letztens selber Eislaufen war, hab ich festgestellt, dass das so gar kein Sport für mich ist XD

  17. Ahh ich hätt Disney on Ice so gern gesehn T__T

  18. Thanks for following me ^^
    I now have time to read your blog~ :3

    Ahh~ What lovely presents you got given! Really love the hat! :D

    I love Disney On Ice!!! I go every year~ Except this year because my Aunty did not invite me T^T..

    Wow! That hotel looks sooooo nice! *-*

  19. Such long post! 8D Its really nice to read. I always get self concious about writing long psot so I never do, I decided to change that!

    You got so many lovely gifts O: and that hat is really darn cute! OMGEEE I went to Disney on Ice before! Its really cute! :D I'm glad your friend hiro had a fun time.