☆Outfit Post + Gets + Popteen 07 scans☆


Hello Hello

how are you doing??~
i am so busy, because exam time starts soon... 
beside studying i enjoy the matches of the Soccer World Cup hehe
i watched two of the games at an Izakaya <3
here are my World Cup Outfits haha
 I wear my jersey with the number 11 -> Miroslav Klose!!! (German Team)
my favourite player since WC 2002 >///< <3
of course i was cheering for Japan as well, unfortunately they didn´t make it into the round of the last 16!...
 i actually really love this outfit lol...the blue shirt with the white dress looks so nice hehe 
here are some pictures of the Izakaya!
soooo yummyyyy >///< <3
can´t wait to go there again ^-^
well, some days ago i went to the hair dresser and got a new hair style and hair color!!
i got a nice chocolate brown color and finally i got back my bangs!!
i feel so better with this new hair style now lol

last week i also received my new shoes!!!
they are so cute!!
>///< <3

and i bought this nice blouse !!
i already saw it some weeks ago but it was too expensive, but now it´s summer sale, so i was lucky to get it for 20% off hehe
i also received my new Popteen magazines!
issue of June and July!
here are some scans of the July issue!
New Popteen model Fujita Nicole! she is from New Zealand!
 she seems to be pretty cute...but actually i don´t understand why Popteen still does castings for models...cause they just choose them randomly (first Dakota...and now Nicole...haha)
Yukata!!! so cute designs!! want to go to fireworks display again and wear my Yukata ><
the hair styles are so cute <3

i had no time to scan the June issue...but i was quite shocked when i saw the pictures of Dakota Roses´ hair tutorial special...she teaches you that you don´t have to pay attention to the back of your hair style....lol (just two examples...out of about 7..)
  can´t understand why the magazine would print something like that...normally they pay attention that everything looks perfect lol...maybe the magazine just doesn´t take her serious lol....

some food porn at the end:

 Thank you for reading <3

bye bye ^-^/)) 


  1. Love this post c: those shoeeees♥♥
    Oh and I wish I could get some new popteens.. I only have two:'D why do they have to even put Dakota Rose into the otherwise flawless magazine... I don't really like her:/ sorry. And omg foooooood♥

    1. thank you so much for your comment >///< <3
      oh, you can buy them via internet hehe
      if you look for older issues, is also sell some of them ^^
      haha yes...i also can´t understand why Dakota appears in Popteen now...fortunately she didn´t appear on the cover yet....!!!

  2. Ich versteh die Popteen echt nicht...XD die machen wirklich komische sachen in letzter Zeit..
    wie auch immer, deine Haare sehen toll aus, ich liebe die Haarfarbe*0*

    1. ja....sehe ich auch so xD zumindest was die models angeht lol...
      danke <3 ich bin auch so froh mit der neuen farbe...vorher sah es so schrecklich aus, weil ich seit Dezember keine zeit hatte zum frisör zu gehen X__X

  3. Great post dear...lovely pics..:-)

  4. By seeing those pictures with food, I'm really getting hungry! >o< I want to eat at a japanese restaurant as soon as I can again.
    Your Outfits are cute :) Especially the japanese one is really cute.

    1. ohhhh, i hope you can go eat at a japanese restaurant again soon!!! :D
      what´s your favourite japanese dish? ^^
      thank you so much <3

  5. Haha the football outfits are great! Tonight Holland plays again :D certainly going to watch ! The food looks soooo good *o*
    And wth is that hairstyle of dakota!? It's so mesy and ugly (I'm sorry ). It's a shame...

    1. thank you so much ^o^/
      haha yessss i am already so excited about the match!!!!! *o*/
      yes...it´s horrible right?!?! i was so shocked when i saw this mess....and she got about 4 pages of a hair style special...and nearly every hairstyle looks not well made... ToT

  6. Love your outfits. ^^


  7. Replies
    1. thank you so much for your comment <333 >//<

  8. love the new hair~~~ also the yukata are soo nice^-^
    since I don't have big hopes on Switzerland winning, I'll be probably cheering for Germany soon too haha :D

    1. thank you for your comment ^-^/
      haha thank you xD!!! i hope Germany will win tonight!!! even when the last match was super boring... T__T

  9. great outfits and I love Klose too! He is super cool! *_* the blouse looks great

    1. thank you <3 :D
      yeeeessss, he is so awesome!!! *o*/ <3

  10. Love your outfit and your hair is looking so nice! That hairstyle deffinetly suits you ^^

    1. thank you so much for your lovely comment <3