☆My Apartment in Tokyo + Friday News☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing?!?!
first of all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely friend ANNE!!!!!! <3333
i hope you will have a wonderful day today!!!
 hahaha~ last pic of us from september! xD
Yesterday i skipped classes ´cause i didn´t felt well~
so today....i got so much homework for the next week...unbelievable...T___T
well, today i wanna show you my apartment!
well, the walls looks still very empty...i hope i can find some pictures, or posters to pimp it up a little bit haha
so let´s start the little room tour!
 my working place with my awesome photo wall haha~
my "beauty" corner haha~
bought the mirror and carpet 2 weeks ago~
view from the entrance area~
shelf with clothes and stuff~
the bed....it´s toooo small!!! i want my huge bed back T___T 
i always hit my arms at the wall lol...
kitchen and washing machine and the door~
on the opposite side of the kitchen is the super small bath room~

it´s really small but i totally like my little flat :D

 this was my outfit for university today:
hat: H&M
top: INGNI
sweater: Spray Premium
shorts: Pimkie
belt: NY
tights: Tutuanna
shoes: off brand
bag: Diavlo
Eileen made yummy lunch for us today ;___; <3
we skipped the culture class in the afternoon and went to Baskin Robbins instead xD
 i had the little ghost and Eileen the king size ice cream :D
we decided to choose the special Halloween sorts of ice hehe so yummy!

at night we just walked around in our district and drank some Sour and Beer...lol
 ... xD

tomorrow we will go to the zoo here in Tama!!!
i´m so looking forward to that :D i love Zoos ^-^

so see you!
and thank you for reading <3
bye bye~~~


  1. I haven't been able to read so much blogs lately and wow..you have moved to tokyo?! Ooh..I'm so jealous..I was planning on moving there for a few months, this I planned 5 years ago. I already had checked out an apartment and a job, but somehow didn't end up going.

    I hope you have a great time! ♥

    Frillycakes ♥

  2. I like your apartment! :)
    I don't know why but somehow it really looks "kuschelig" xD
    your outfit looks very good^~^ it suits you well (:

  3. Ui das sieht voll schick aus bei dir, auch wenns klein ist. Aber du hälst dich ja sicherlich eh nicht so oft drinnen auf, nehme ich an?! :)
    Hab gestern dein Briefchen abgeschickt und hoffe, dass er ankommt. Deine Adresse ist ja so ellenlang xDD Hab gar nicht so viel Platz gehabt, das alles drauf zu schreiben >.<;
    Sag mal, magst du im März mit zum Girls Generations Konzert kommen?? Stefan und ich würden gern hin *.*
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Cool apartment its so cute , what it like living in Tokyo it must be so exciting and lively in such a popular and 21st century city.

  5. wow deine wohnung is ja riesig *_* In etwa so wie meine würd ich sagen vom raum her..aber mit dem riesen fenster: ein traum :D Ich liebe solche Wohnungen, typisch japanische Aufteilung und so*-* man wie toll*///*
    Ich vermiss dich auch voll ;O; Möchte mit dir und Anne und Stefan und Thanh Thao lustige sachen machen ;//;

  6. Aww, deine Wohnung erinnert mich total an meine in Berlin... :D (Nur dass deine... rosaner ist. XD) Sehr hübsch! :)
    Will mit euch in den Zoo. T.T Aber wir fahren morgen mit Fr B nach Kamakura. (Darauf freue ich mich auch, aber... Zoo.)
    Viel Spaß euch! ^^

  7. Your apartment looks very beautiful. :)

  8. Wie bist du denn an diese geile Wohnung gekommen? Schick schick!
    Dachte irgendwie immer, dass du mit Eileen zusammenwohnst.

  9. love the layout of your apartment! its so cute and tidy :D

  10. Total schönes Appartment *___*
    Hach ich schreib dir gerne Kommis und dein Blog ist toll <3<3<3<3

  11. Lovely apartment! Envyyy! >_< Hehe.


  12. I love the step-up in the entryway! :3 So japanese! I want a room like this, preferably one with a Kotatsu too! X3

    That is a very tiny clothes shelf! XD How do you manage to stuff all your new buys there? >_<

    Haha, the bentou looks scrumptious (and healthy)!

  13. Your room is so cool i love it (*O*)
    i hope i can have my own in japan too <3
    btw loved your outfit too<3