☆Tokyo Girls Collection A/W 2012 + Yokohama☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing?!?!
on weekend i went to the Tokyo Girls Collection with Eileen and Yui!
this was my outfit:
(omg i felt so underdressed.....T___T )
top: Bye Bye
sweater: Clef de Sol
skirt: Honeys
overknees: Tutuanna
shoes: off brand
bag: SBY 109...random store
so we went to Saitama-Shintoshin Station and waited for our friend Yui~
everywhere were so many stylish people ;A; so pretty!!
 me while texting Yui~
i kinda like my hair in this pic~
than we went to the hall
Eileen and me in front of the big sign for TGC :D
about 15:30 the show began with two opening acts~
they performed some songs which were really nice :)
(actually it was forbidden to make pics and videos...lol)
before the show began~
famous band AAA!
End of the show with all models!

also Milky Bunny (Tsubasa) performed two of her songs!
(ok..it was playback i guess, but she was so cute xD)
sorry for the bad quality >< 
i just used my cell phone...

i also filmed the whole new collection of Liz Lisa!
also bad quality...but you can see Reina and Tsubasa xD <3
 i actually wanted to go to the standing area as well, but my cold got more bad within the time we spent there...so i couldn´t go T__T

at the exit, everyone got a huge bag with goods, flyers and discount coupons for the brands :D
 so many nice things ^^
even tattoo tights hehe
it was a great day!!!
i will definitely go to the Spring/Summer TGC again next year!!! <3 

 Yesterday some of the exchange students, japanese students, Eileen and me went to Yokohama!
this was my outfit...
 hat: H&M
top: INGNI
sweater: INGNI
shorts: Pimkie
tights: Tutuanna
boots: off brand (my most beloved boots broke on this day T__T i hope i can get them fixed somehow...)
bag: Diavlo

well...we arrived in Yokohama and it was sooooooooo cold and rainy...T___T
my cold got more worse of course =____="
 the whole day freezing like hell~
so we arrived at Yokohama station:
 Eileen and our friend Chris~
afterwards we went to China Town to have lunch...or for me breakfast lol
it was kinda difficult to manage everything with such a huge group of people...
(c) Eileen
(c) Eileen
   we went to a chinese restaurant and got such a huge set for just 780Yen!
 it was so good *_________*
than we went in direction towards the German Oktoberfest...
 hahaha it was really soooo cold lol
than we arrived at the Oktoberfest...
...we felt so ashamed haha
(c) Eileen
than we went to the landmark tower~
(c) Eileen
so beautiful >///<
  the landmark tower :D
we had a nice nightview ^-^
(c) Eileen
  i think the pics turned out really nice ^-^
afterwards we returned home :D
it was a great day!!!
thank you everyone!


  1. i like your outfits *^^*
    take care!~

  2. Wah~ I really like your blog! Your photos are really pretty~! (o^u^o/ <3
    You're so lucky that you went to TGC!!! D: <3 <3 #jelly~
    I really want to go to the TGC S/S too, but I'm only in Japan for two weeks (around march and april) (T___T)
    Anyhow, it looks like it was really amazing~! (`u`pq) xoxo

  3. Alles sieht wie immer so wunderschön aus und weckt meine Hoffnung, einen Auslandsplatz zu bekommen noch mehr (T///T) Wunderschöne Bilder*-* Zur TGC wollte ich auch immer schonmal ;o; Hoffentlich kann ich da auch mal hin(;0;) Deine Outfits sind so hübsch, ich finde es gar nich underdressed^^ Und deine Haare sehen echt superschön aus*_*
    Ich schreib bald mal einen Brief, bin so beschäftigt hier ;0; Und bald muss ich auch ein bisschen zeug bei dir bestelen glaub ich XDD
    Bis bald<3

  4. aww i wish i could go to the fashion show one day!!!
    btw i really like your knit from INGNI : )


  5. Schöne Fotos. Jetzt ist das Event auch schon wieder vorbei, wo du dich wochenlang drauf gefreut hast. So schnell vergeht die Zeit :)
    Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut soweit?! Hast du unseren Brief schon erhalten? Ich hoffe ja sehr, dass er ankommt/ angekommen ist.

    Liebe Grüße

  6. So jealous! I hope to be able to go to a TGC in the future!! Looks like it was a lot of fun and you looked great :D