☆Asakusa + Ueno + Shinjuku☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing?!?!
i somehow caught a cold and stayed at home today T___T
i hope i will feel better by tomorrow because there is the Tokyo Girls Collection!!

AND omg...one month ago i moved here to Japan...the time passed so so quickly...i hope the remaining time won´t go by this fast...
well, on Wednesday i visited Asakusa, Ueno and Shinuju with my friend Chris.
he attends the same language class as i do~!
so first we went to Asakusa!
 Sky Tree :D
epic coffee in front of the Asakusa skyline haha~
we actually wanted to visit the sky tree today, but when we arrived it was so crowded, so we went back to Ueno for having lunch/dinner~
 than we went to Ueno, and found this lol
it reminds me of the Lock Up theme restaurant in Shibuya! haha
we went to a steak restaurant and had an awesome meal for such a low price :D
because we couldn´t go to the Sky Tree, we decided to go to the government building in Shinjuku!
to go up there is for free! so it was a better idea :D
Tokyo Tower
Sky Tree

it was a funny day :D
every wednesday is our "adventure day" because we have a day off from university haha

 yesterday we had a dinner party at our dorm!
everyone had to cook a meal and than we shared everything!
it was really funny ^-^
the group~
and the delicious food!!

bye bye~ ^-^


  1. So beautiful photos! *__*

  2. Wow die Bilder sind echt wuunderschön (*___*) Echt toll geworden*-* ich mag dein Shirt total*-* Hoffentlich kommt Thanh Thao im Winter zu dir, dann könnt ihr Tokyo unsicher machen^^

  3. wieder wunderschöne bilder *_*!

  4. Oh Gott ich bin so neidisch ;; </3

  5. Cool post!^_^ Thank you a lot:3

  6. Wow the temple and the city of Tokyo are so beautiful . It seems you have a fun and busy day lol. And the food looks so delicious now i want some Japanese food lol