☆Ayumi Hamasaki Concert + Enoshima Beach + Odaiba Boat Cruise + GETS☆

how are you doing??
wow, i didn´t post for nearly 2 weeks again~ >o<  i am so busy atm~
had final exams and had to study~ also having so much plans for free days~~
i am actually just at home for sleeping haha~~

so let´s start with Saturday!!! i went to the Ayumi Hamasaki concert (7/27) once again!!!
she has her 15th anniversary this year, so i decided that i have to see her once again hehe
 i went to the venue about 14:30 to queue up for the tour goods!~
at the red circle there was the place for the goods lol~
but i was surprised, i just had to wait 40min~
those were the goods they sold this time:
i got this:
 uchiwa and sports towel for me and light stick and towel for my friend :D
the concert was held at the yoyogi national gymnasium again :)
in the entrance hall there were so many flower bouquets!!
so pretty!! even from Gackt lol~
really nice :)
than the concert started!!!
the concert was amazing!!! i cried so much! ;o;
she is so amazing <3
here are some pictures i found on Facebook from the live :)
she is so beautiful!!! <3
it was such a great show, i am so glad i visited her concert again <3
thank you so much for never disappointing me since 11 years, Ayu ^o^

on 21st i went to the beach in Enoshima with some of my friends :D
i love the beach and was so happy to go there!!!
omg swimming was soooo much fun, and the water was sooo warm *3*
i hope i can go there again soon :)
my friend also bought water melon haha~
so well prepared xD
i guess this guy had much fun with the "cherry boys" lol...
beautiful day!! :)

on 16th some friends, Eileen and me went to a boat cruise in Odaiba!~
when you wear a yukata it was 1000Yen off the original price! so nearly 3/4 of the people were wearing it ^-^ it was like partying on the boat for 2 hours with free drinks :D
my yukata looked like this :)
since i had exams this day and had to rush home and get dressed, my hair style was really boring >o<

we took the train to Odaiba and arrived about 18:30~
Zhenyi, Joanna, Beiyi, Eileen
all of them look so pretty ^-^
so much fun *o*
the party ship :D

it was so much fun!!! *3*

off topic:
i had final exams last week, so i was busy with studying ~_~
studying and at the review papers my teachers wrote such a cute message to everyone haha <3
i really will miss them >o<~~
here are some pics of the last day in university before summer break :)
on my last day i also got this cute card from 3 of my students!!!~~
omg i was so happy!!!
a message from all the 3 girls and we went for Purikura this evening haha
thank you <3

i also went shopping a little~
got a cardigan, dress and new etude house stuff~ it´s sale everywhere right now *o*

random outfit:
everything off-brand as far as i remember haha

thank you for reading!!!
a happy summer to all of you ^-^


  1. aww it seems so fun!!
    wish i could go to concerts too while in Japan : (


    1. ohhh you like Ayu too?? hehe :D
      when do you go to Japan? maybe she has a live during this time ^-^/

  2. I love your blog so much
    You're such a cute girl~~
    Oh I wonder... are you a teacher in Japan? It sounds so cool *-*

    1. thank you so much, that makes me really happy <3 *o*/
      i am actually a university student here, and being a teacher is my part time job ^-^/
      thank you for your lovely comment!! <3

  3. ayu is so pretty!
    glad you have been having fun :)

    1. thank you for your comment!!~ :)
      yes she really is!!! <3

  4. Das Partyboot ist ja mal voll cool und dein Yukata sieht toll aus ♥
    Schön dass dir das Konzert so gut gefallen hat, du hattest dich ja schon so lange darauf gefreut :)
    Und ich bin ganz neidisch, dass du am Strand im Meer warst. Ich will auch ;A; Derzeit ist es so tropisch heiß in Deutschland v.v;
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Echt tolle Bilder und dein Yukata sieht sehr süß aus. <3
    Arbeitest du eigentlich auch in Japan? Oder wie bestreitest du dort deinen Lebensunterhalt? Mich interessiert immer was die Leute so arbeiten. XD