☆Sky Tree + Royz Concert☆



how are you doing??
soon the summer semester is over and thaaaaan vacation!!! can´t wait to go to the beach hahaha <3 i should move to the ocean lol~
last Monday i met my friend Amanda! :D
we went to the Sky Tree!!!!
first we went to Starbucks haha~
the height is crazyyyyy lol~~~
we just had to wait for our tickets about 30-40min!
really fast compared to last time i went there and went back home, cause it was toooo crowded lol~
we arrived at the Tembo Deck! 3 floors from 350m until 350m!
the view was just amazing!!!
me & Amanda!!~~
we had yummy ice cream at the sky tree cafe on the 350m floor!! :D
yummyyyyyy~ except for the drink hahaha
we upgraded out ticket and went 100m up to the highest platform from 445m until 450m!
(all in total 3000Yen for the ticket, but it was worth the money!!!)
Tanabata Festival decoration!~
yeayyy :D
so nice!!! after nearly 3 hours we went to the first floor back again and hat finally breakfast-lunch lol~
afterwards we went to a planetarium haha~
i got so sleepy lol~ but it was nice anyway ^-^
so huuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeeee~ :D
afterwards we walked back to Asakusa!
look at the nice night scenery ^-^
prettyyyy ^-^

we found a game center which had an old Purikura machine which prints SPARKLE on the pictures!!!! after 3 years i found one again which has sparkle lol~~
so happy <3 the old ones are so much better, all the stamps are so nice !!
copy out of my purikura note book haha
this was the machine~~
it was such a nice day!!! so much fun <3
thank you Amanda!!! ^-^

on Thursday Eileen and me went to the ROYZ oneman concert in Shinjuku!!!!! *___________*
omg it was so so so so amazing!!! <3
Subaru-sama!!! *Q*/))) <3
they postet the picture with their fans on Ameba!! 
and Eileen and me are noticeable!!!
before the concert we took puri with the towels we bought hehehe
and Kuina and Koudais B-day flowers x3

Royz are the beeeeeest *3*//))

thank you for reading!!!! <3
bye bye!!


  1. Amazing photos! I'm so jealous!! haha :D Royz are amazing :33

    1. thank you :) <3
      yeees i love Royz so much hehe :D <3

  2. Wahh~ Looks like so much fun! >u<

    1. thank you for your comment ^-^
      yeees, it was so much fun hehe :D

  3. Wow die Bilder vom Sky Tree sind der Hammer!! Das sieht alles so aus wie ne kleine Ameisenstadt von da oben. Ich bin echt beeindruckt!! Wir habens dies Jahr ja leider nicht mehr hochgeschafft, hätte es mir aber gern angesehen!!
    Die Puris sehen toll aus :)
    Liebe Grüße

    1. jaaa :) schade aber das es so bewölkt war >o<~
      haha mit dem miniatureffekt, sieht das ganze eher wie spielzeug aus, total cool xD~
      irgendwann schafft ihr es schon da hoch, und dann zu 3. ^-^ <3
      dankeee~ <3

  4. Such great photos!
    Thank you for sharing!


  5. Wirklich tolle Bilder vom Skytree. Und das Konzert.. *__*

    1. danke :) jaaa, Tokyo sah so klein aus hehe~
      das Konzert war auch der hammer!!! Royz sind so toll *///*
      liebe grüße <3

  6. schöne bilder <3
    und shit ist das hoch hahaha das wär mein albtraum TT hab ja schon auf dem tokyo tower halb panik geschoben

    1. danke <333~~
      hahaha ja, es war wirklich krass hoch!!!~~
      Tokyo Tower is winzig dagegen xD!!!

  7. Tokyo Sky tree!!
    Great for a visit together with Asakusa Sensoji Temple!
    Beautiful pictures, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!


    1. thank you for your comment :)
      yes, i like asakusa and sky tree was amazing!!! :D