☆Sanrio Puroland☆

how are you doing??
wow i really don´t write this much here atm...i am sorry for that...!!
well, last monday my friends and me wanted to go to the Sanrio Puroland, which is just 3 train stops away from my University, but when we arrived we noticed that we would just have 1.5hours left until closing time....so we changed the date to wednesday LOL~
on monday i took nice pictures of the building....luckily, because on wednesday it was raining non-stop lol~~
(i visited the Sanrio Land before...in 2010 -> KLICK!)
so here we go :D
 sooo cute :D
Chisato, Zuzana and me~~
actually it didn´t changed that much. some attractions are under construction and will be re-opened in the end of july~
the entrance :D
merchandise!!! ohhh such cute ears hahaha
you see...our outfit changed lol~
omg those were so super lovely!!! <3
unfortunately i don´t know their names lol
until July it´s an Alice Special! So Kitty was dressed in an Alice dress and a special show was made!!! it was soooo cute :D
it was such a cute show :)
if you buy a phone strap at the gatcha machine, you will also receive a little kitty plate to write your wish on :D i also did it hehe :)
we also did the Boat Ride through the whole Sanrio land!! damn it was so so cute!
i took a video of the whole trip lol~

 i also took some photos because we went two times hahaha
Chisato and Zuzana :D
 we all bought our boat ride picture hehehe :D
lunch tiiimeee :)
i want the pom pom purin couch!!! *__*
in the end Mell appeared, but we couldn´t take a picture with her cause we had to go back to university ;A;~~ Chisato and me love Wish me Mell so much hahaha~
it was such a nice day hehe :D
at university i met Eileen~~ we waited for our work to start haha
i bought Augusts Ranzuki haha~~ i really like this issue!!
view from my balcony!! finally it cleared up after so much rain <3

thank you for reading :)
bye bye~


  1. Wow! It looks so fun and so cute!

  2. Uiii die Bilder sind voll toll, was für ein Paradies!! All meine Lieblingssanriocharas auf einen Haufen *_*
    Und schön dass das Wetter wieder etwas toller ist, deine Aussicht ist ja echt wahnsinnig toll ♥
    Heute kam dein Paket an, ich hab mich riesig gefreut!!! Vielen vielen lieben Dank, auch an Eileen :)
    Der Fotorahmen fürs Krümelchen ist voll niedlich, hihi :) Freu mich schon wenn da eines der ersten Fotos reinkommt ♥

    Und wie war dein letzter Samstag???!! *neugierig sei :D
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Super toller Entry! Wir planen auch Puroland zu besichtigen, ich hoffe das die Arbeiten an einigen Attraktionen dann beendet sind, wir wollten anfang August Puroland besuchen. <3
    Du hast mir gerade den Abend versüßt und meine Vorfreude auf den Urlaub total aufgeheizt! ^__^

  4. Wow, so cute!!! I really love your photos~

  5. aw ;_; fernweh <:
    und sieht echt so aus, als ob sich nicht so viel verändert hätte :)

  6. awww I've always wanted to go there. maybe next time >-<
    I want the My Melody couch*____* and all the ears merch xDD

  7. wanna go there http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/07/fashion-small-gathering-in-seoul.html