☆Alice Cafe + Shinjuku Marui One + GETS☆

how are you doing??
(lately i don´t feel so great...fu fuuu~~)
on Thursday i met my new friend Amanda!!!
ohhh she is such a friendly and cute girl :)
we had so much fun haha :D
first we had lunch in the Alice in Wonderland restaurant in Shinjuku!
so nice design :D
cesars salad and spinach/salmon risotto!!! yummyyyy
afterwards we went to Karaoke and Darts~
and took purikura of course and spent quite a while in the game center haha
i love those collages!! :)
at game center i got this cute fat cat hahaha 
and Amanda won an Alpaca for me *o*
thank you!!! <3
aren´t they lovely??? x3
for dinner we went to an Izakaya :D
it was such a nice afternoon!! hope we can meet again soon ^-^

 on saturday i went shopping with Eileen!
we went to Marui One in Shinjuku~~
(more than 5  years ago this would have been my paradise lol...)
full of alternative brands haha
Eileen! xD
what i liked was the Zeal Link store haha <3
some weeks ago we went to the final of the Zeal Link concert tour!
and in the store you saw so many signed posters, and photos and even the clothes  2 bands were wearing during the tour :D
and so much ROYZ stuff *_____* <3
huge signed Royz poster <3 there were so many from them ;3;/
Royz Selca <3
Selca from al the band memebers of the tour haha :D
tour final picture! we were standing were the red circle is haha <3
Royz CD/DVD table x3 <3
sorry...i am too focused on them haha <3
 BORN and カメレオtour outfits!! :D
 sooo nice :)
well, it wasn´t the first time going there, but this time i switched on my tourist mode and took some pictures lol~~

afterwards we went to ALTA~~
Liz Lisa <3
i bought this nice blouse in ALTA!
 Eileen convinced me to buy it haha

we had dinner in Harajuku at a pancake restaurant!
pancakes with beef stew~
pancake vanilla ice cream!
the cute bill hahaha :D <3
afterwards we took some puri on takeshita street!
aaand here the puri!
we got those umbrellas as a present at Algonquins, cause Eileen bought some things there :D
it was such a nice day ^-^/

 other gets from the week:
CanMake perfume!
denim shirt+lace top!
 cute Rilakkuma pens and correction tape!
Ayumi Hamasaki icket for July <3

thank you for reading!!! :)
bye bye~~


  1. Ohje nicht schön, dass es dir nicht gut geht!! ;o; Hoffe, das legt sich bald wieder.
    Bei mir ists aber auch grad ein Auf und Ab irgendwie, die Abs überwiegen derzeit :( Ich hoffe auf bessere Tage, die da hoffentlich bald kommen werden!!

    Schöne Fotos und tolle Einkäufe habt ihr da gemacht :) Ich hab den Monat auch voll die vielen Sachen geshopped haha :D
    Hach der Liz Lisa Store! ♥♥♥
    Liebe Grüße

  2. So viele schöne Sachen und die Pancakes mit der Eiskrem *0* Omnomonom, davon hätte ich jetzt auch gern etwas!

    ♥ Maho

  3. OMG das MaruiOne.. wie ich mich schon auf den Besuch freue *__*

  4. You look so cute as always! I love looking at your pics, thanks so much for sharing them with us!
    The Alpaca is SOOOOO cute! <3

  5. das alice cafe sieht so schöön aus*-* ich wollte damals auch hingehn, aber iwie habn wir es nicht gefunden XD'

    so schöne sachen bei liz lisa*-*

  6. das alpaka ist süß ;; und schöne bluse!

  7. Hi! Really nice pictures! :)