☆Kamakura + Tokyo Disney Land + Yokohama Fireworks☆

and another week passed so fast....
on thursday i skipped classes and went to the beach of Kamakura instead!
the weather is still so nice here in Japan, no rainy season until now haha~
we took some pictures at the beach~
btw...there are sooo many hawks...i got attached and have a little scratch on my face now lol....what a frightening experience haha~
ohhh it was such a nice day :D
i love the beach so much!!! *3*
can´t wait to go to Enoshima Beach in summer!!! :D

 Yesterday we went to a small Festival in Tsukiji!
it started about 15:00~
stalker me haha but the children were soooo cute >///<~~
afterwards we decided spontaneously to go to Disneyland, cause it was just 30min away from Tsukiji lol~ and the price in the evening is cheaper! haha
the parade was soooo nice :D
i also made two videos ^-^

i bought this cute alice phone strap at TDL this day ^-^/

i love TDL so much :D i hope next time i can go to Disney Sea!!!! ^-^

today Eileen and me went to Yokohama!
there was a harbor festival with a huge fireworks display at the end :D
first we went to a diner and hat some "healthy" food lol~
fried chicken and cheese fries haha~
afterwards we went to the festival~ 
we walked a little but it was tooooo crowded ToT~
so we went back to the amusement park and took some pics of the ferris wheel haha
about 20:20 the fireworks started!
it was soooo pretty <3
it was so nice :D
first Hanabi this year <3
can´t wait for summer ^-^

thank you for reading and the comments to my previous post!!!! <3
i try to reply to them soon ;A;"
and sorry for uploading sooo many pics this time >///<~~

bye bye~~ <3


  1. Nice pictures! Wow you can jump very high! ^_^
    I like DisneySEA the most. (。-_-。)♡
    Indiana Jones and Journey to the center o. t. earth are the best rides!! (≧∇≦)

  2. Oh Gott, ich liebe die Fotos aus dem Disneyland! xD ♥ Und die vom Riesenrad auch, einfach mega schön. <3

  3. i would be stalking children, they are just so cute ♥
    the disney parade looks like it was beautiful.

  4. Hawks are really popular in some rural areas. I completely panicked at one just swooping at cars in a car park because people had been dropping litter. (;_;)
    My Yokohama Friends went to a festival a few days ago! I saw photos of the fireworks! (ノ)・ω・(ヾ) Japanese really know how to put on a show!