☆Week Report: GETS + Harajuku + Ueno + Shinjuku...☆

fuuuuuuuu didn´t post for so long!!!
i am so busy lately~ ><
but i had a super nice weekend :D <3
On Saturday i finally met Yusuke again, after exactly 3 month!~~
it was so long >o<~~
we went to Harajuku, Omotesando and Shibuya~~
i bought an old Royz album this day :D <3
today i also went to Harajuku together with Eileen~~
 omg the new Justin Davis collection is so so pretty!!!
why is it sooo expensive?!?! ;A;...

my outfit was this:
dress: Honeys
cardigan: Honeys
bag: Liz Lisa
socks+tights: Tutuanna
shoes: Converse
accesorize: Forever 21, Harajuku

oh and at Sexpot we talked a little with the Shop staff~ she is sooo friendly and pretty :D
クロイさん and Eileen :D

we also took Puris today~~

on thursday i met my friend Yukie!!
haven´t seen her for nearly 2 years ;A;
we met in Shinjuku~ had lunch together, played darts, and took puri :D
i was so happy to meet her again ^-^

last weekend i met my friend Nina!~
we met in Ueno, wlaked through the streets and bought candy and had lunch at a steak restaurant *3*/
we went a little shopping~~
bought a dress and cute pajama haha
ohhh i love leo pattern and ears hahaha :D so cute <3

afterwards we visited an Ikebana exhibition~ wow it was so interesting and pretty :D

so impressing <3

in the evening we went to the government building :D
we had such a nice view!
haha the last picture looks like the end of the world lol~

afterwards we went to a café which i saw the first time during an allnighter in shinjuku...i was drunk during that time, but could remember the place where it was haha clever me lol
it´s a 24 hour café in british style! 
we ordered some cake and cream soda <3
soooo yummy!!! *_______*
nom nom nom~~ perfection xD

it was such a funny dayyyyyyyyyyy :D
thank you!!!

some unrelated pics haha
got this cute rilakkuma plate at Lawson as a present <3 
ohhh this was a present from Eileen!!! <3 sooo lovely!! thank youuu >///<
"summer" walker haha bought this mag cauz it´s full of tips for the summer.
like where all the fireworks are, and beaches etc! so useful!! :D
i got this from my parents as a present for childrens day :D
it´s so pretty <3 i wear it everyday ^-^ and the little penguin card is soooo cute *3*
bought this cute dress at Honeys the other day :D
beautiful sunset in the district in Tokyo where i live <3
made some online shopping at Amazon! the new Yui Kanno style book, photobook of tori-chan and the first issue of Larme <3
aaaand of course the new Popteen issue :D

wooow, what a long post again. i am sorry for that!!!
i try to update more often ><
thank you for reading <3


  1. Ich möchte auch in das britische Café! ;0;
    Und die Bilder von der Ikebana-Ausstellung sind echt voll beeindruckend. °_°d

    1. huhu ^-^
      ja, das britische cafe ist echt schick, wenn auch ziemlich teuer ><
      ich fands auch so beeindruckend *o* ich konnte gar nich alle bilder hochladen xD...und musste leider so kleine collagen machen, sonst hätte das den post gesprengt voller bilder haha xD
      danke für deinen lieben kommi <3

  2. Aww was für tolle Bilder und deine Einkäufe sind alle voll toll!!! Die Kleidchen sind total niedlich ♥ Und das Leooberteil is auch so süß *___* Voll mein Ding!
    Die Bilder vom Regierungsgebäude sind voll toll, hach ♥
    Liebe Grüße

    1. danke <333 xD
      hachja, wir beide könn halt shoppen am besten wa xD
      hoffe euch gehts gut <3

  3. in japan gibt es so viele tolle cafés <3 echt schade, dass es hier nicht so ist :(
    denk ich jedes mal, wenn ich deine bilder sehe :)!

    1. ja das stimmt!!! es ist zu meim hobby geworden ewig hier in cafes zu sitzen xD...einfach schön!!~~
      LG <3

  4. The Ikebana exhibition is wonderful !

    So beautiful flowers, I love Allium flowers !

    I have this issue of Larme magazine, I'm fan of this kawaii magazine.

    1. yes, the exhibitoin was soooo pretty!!! *o*
      haha me too :D i started buying since issue No. 2 and i wanted to own every issue, so i bought No 1 as well xD!!
      such a nice magazine! and my favourite model Yui is appearing ^-^/

  5. Amazing photos!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time!
    I recognize that view from Tocho!


    1. thank you for your nice comment!! :)
      yes we had so much fun :D

  6. I love the white dress very pretty.

    1. thank you :)
      yes it´s so nice and it was sooooo cheap *o*
      haha :D

  7. The present you got is so cute! Such a cute little chick! I love the floral dress from Honeys!

    1. thank you for your lovely comment :D yeees the chick is sooo cute x3