☆Christmas+GETS+meeting Becci+after christmas SALE GETS☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
thank you for more than 730 Followers!!! 
i´m so happy!!!!
i hope eyeryone had a wonderful christmas!!
thank you for all your comments and christmas wishes!!!
i spent christmas at my grandparents place, like every year.
so first i wanna show you some pics of some christmas stuff and the things i got!
wonderful christmas tree!!
here are some close ups haha
this was our dinner
and those are the things i got!
just small things, ´cause i got so many expensive things during the year haha
i love all the things i got ^-^
i really had a nice christmas!
so let´s talk about today!
well, today i met my friend Becci in Berlin!
but the day started with an accident....
i fell down the stairs today, ´cause i was in a hurry (like always haha) and hurt my legs and hip...luckily i fell with my had on my bag and not on the stone ground  ;____; it was really scary! but i´m glad that i didn´t hurt myself this badly...let´s see how i feel tomorrow haha

well, Becci and me met at Friedrichstraße and went to Gina Tricot at first!
weeks ago i saw an awesome top at GT but it was sold out in my size! but today i could buy it hehe
 isn´t it coool?!?! :D
afterwards we went to Potsdamer Platz and i bought this awesome coat, which i wanted this badly!
it´s a replica of this MA*RS coat 0____0
haha we can buy MA*RS replicas in German stores lol
Suzu told me that it´s a replica haha, i didn´t knew it~

oh and i also bought two other things~
leo tights and oversized shirt *0*/

i got everything so cheap because it´s after christmas SALE!!! yay :D

Becci & me!
outfit checkkk!
hat: Liz Lisa
cardigan: ALTA - Shinjuku
top: Shibuya 109
shorts: New Yorker
tights: tutuanna
boots: off brand

me with huuuge shopping bags haha
i love the decoration!!!

well, afterwards we went to Ku-dam and had some frozen yoghurt!!!
nyaaa it was yummy!
the store was so cute decorated!
what a nice store :)

in front of the shop was this huuuge snowman!!!

aftrwards we went back to the station and took some photos in a pic machine haha
german purikura lol
cute Becci!!
and here, one of the results haha
thank you for this great day!!!!!
when i got home i had this little cute christmas card in my post box!!!
my melody card!! so cute!
it´s from my friend Hiromi!!! thank you so much!!! <3
thank you for reading!!
see you next time!


  1. WOW! Nice decoration, food, presents and girlfriends;)! I like the beige coat ay!

  2. I really want a beige coat too! That one looks adorable~ hope you had a great time shopping :)

  3. Oh wow you have frozen yogurt in Germany?? I thought the US was the only one! XD Is it 'self serve' or do people do it for you?? It is so popular here in California for people to get their own yogurt but I think the concept might not be known outside of California haha

    Such lovely photos! Someday I'll celebrate the holidays in gorgeous Germany! :)

  4. Ahh, schön mal wieder von dir zu lesen!! Deine Weihnachten waren ja super! Viele tolle Geschenke hast du da bekommen <3<3

    Ich bin grad dabei mal zu schauen wegen Flügen nach Berlin,l ab dem 17.2. hast du frei, oder?? Waa, ich freu mich schon so ;)

  5. I love your blog! There is a always a lot of pictures.
    A pretty Christmas tree:) And nice coat:)
    Feel free to me: *

  6. Wie geil ist das denn bitte mit der Jacke!!??? XD Na da hatte ich ja nen richtigen Riecher würde ich sagen und für das Schnäppchen! Hast du sie auch für 40 Euro bekommen?
    Ich hoffe du hattest schöne Tage ♥ Wir sehn uns ja dann im neuen Jahr (müssen nur mal Datum und Treffpunkt ausmachen :D )
    Liebe Grüße

  7. whaaaaaa so schöne sachen!!! *-*

  8. You got some awesome Christmas gifts!! And eeeeek, I hope you're okay! You should see a doctor if anything still hurts !! <3

  9. Merry Christmas! It looks like you got many nice things, and the MARS style coat is really cool/cute! Thanks for sharing the great food and Christmas photos, I like seeing them!

  10. Hallo !!!

    Ich habe Habe mich in deinem Blog einmal umgeschaut.

    Und ich finde du hast einen sehr schönen Blog, Nein ehrlich ich finde ihn Wunderschön.

    Und deshalb bin ich jetzt auch Leser bei dir geworden.

    Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du auch bei meinem Blog einmal vorbei schauen würdest.

    Ich würde mich auch freuen wenn du dann Leser bei mir würdest.

    Alles gute !!!

    Und Viele Liebe Grüße aus Mönchengladbach !!!


  11. Super schöne GETS hast du da! Der Mantel ist total hübsch. Endlich hast du was warmes für den Winter! :P
    Der Frozen Yoghurt sieht verdammt lecker aus. Ich will auch!!!!
    Miss you!

  12. Hallo, süßen Blog hast du da, bin ich gestern beim surfen so drüber gestolpert! =)

    Wollt mal fragen, von welcher 'Marke' diese MA*RS Kopien sind. Und in welchem Laden du sie gefunden bzw. gekauft hast! <3

    Wünsch dir noch einen Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!


    PS: Würde mich freuen, wenn du gleich hier antworten würdest, da ich weder googlemail noch einen Blog habe.

  13. @anonymous:
    hallo ^-^
    danke für deinen lieben kommi <3 das freut mich wenn dir mein blog gefällt <3 ^-^/

    die MA*RS replica Jacke gibs noch bei Tally Weijl, die haben grad SALE und da bekommst du sie schon für 30€ ^-^

    ich wünsch dir auch nen guten rutsch!!
    liebe grüße! :)

  14. um hey, how long have you studied japanese? i was just wondering since i was surfing @ blog, and find out you can talk and write japanese, so just wondering how lond did it take to be so good in japanese.. luv your blog!!!

  15. hello :)
    thank you for your nice comment ^-^
    well i learn japanese at university.
    i had a really hard language course for one year now!
    our teacher is really strict~
    the things we learn in one year, learn students in other universities in two years haha~
    and i also was one month in Japan during summer vacation :)
    but i´m not that good yet~
    take care~ <3

  16. super awesome coat!! :D looks like you had yourself a really super christmas! LUCKY GIRL. also, congratulations on all them followers!! *confetti*

    happy new year in advanced and may 2012 rock your socks off! ;)

  17. woow!!! I love your photos!! so very cute!! *w*
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! ^^


  18. war wieder ein schöner tag <3
    die fotos sind das beste ;D lovelove

  19. Happy New Year to everyone :D x
    perhaps view my blog if you have time *^-^*