☆2011 in pictures☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
I hope you all had a great new years eve 星空 ラブラブ
 i definitely had one haha
but i will post about that tomorrow!
today i want to look back at the year 2011 from my point of view.
well, everybody knows that the last year wasn´t the best year for most of the people.
many famous people died, there were many natural disaster and so on...
i don´t want to post about those things, ´cause everybody knows them and it´s sad enough~
so i want to look back at the things which happend to myself!
i made new wonderful friends, went to Japan for a month, traveled to other places (except Japan haha) , visited concerts etc..., but of course also negative things happend~
so please enjoy this post and have fun looking at all the pictures!
i made little collages hehe
January - March
Oz concert, book fair in Leipzig, Dresden, meeting japanese exchange students, Berlin, Girugämesh concert, first circle lenses

April - June
easter holidays,spring,  カレーparty at my place, cooking session at Eileen´s place, flowers in my mother´s room at the hospital, first sundae of the year, different outfits

X Japan concert, wedding, japanese exam, Sammy´s birthday, 花火, different outfits
Karaoke with new made friends Lisa and Haru, Dir en Grey signing session (i´m actually not a fan haha), met up with Maria, Kana Nishino at MTV WS, made my phone all bling bling, enjoying the nature, new outfit

fun stuff: プリクラ with my friends, Kana Nishino concert, SBY 109 tower, Liz Lisa store, Karaoke, clubbing, Roppongi, Disneyland, 居酒屋, meeting a lot of new people, ...

 traditional stuff~

trip to the baltic sea, trip to Düsseldorf!-> meeting Thanh Thao, Lisa, Theresa!!! (thank you all so much!! ;__; i really enjoyed it!! ), 花火, Karaoke, outfit, Hokusai exhibition

Kanon x Kanon concert, JYJ concert with Simmi, Sweta, Mandy, Anne, Shy Shy, Nina!, Karaoke, my birthday, christmas deco

meeting Becci, Karaoke, you me at six concert, gingerbread house, christmas, trip to Cottbus, christmas market

well, i hope you enjoyed those pictures~
of course i did much more than showing on the pictures haha~
but those were the things, which were really special to me!
so thank you for reading!
see you soon!


  1. Aww looks like you had a wonderful 2011 *__*!! hope your 2012 is even better haha!!! :D! <3

  2. Awww <3
    Da hast du dir aber viel Mühe gegeben. Was ein süßer Rückblick :) Du hattest wirklich ein schönes Jahr!

  3. looks like 2011 was a very exciting year for you :)

  4. Ein frohes neues Jahr wünsch ich dir! :D Die Collagen sind echt schön geworden. Hoffentlich hält 2012 genauso viele tolle Momente für dich bereit! ^0^ ♥

  5. du..du..warst bei einer diru-autogrammstunde? ...warum..warum ich nicht ... ;_________;

    aber sehr, sehr schöne bilder..wirklich ein tolles jahr^^



  6. Glad you had such a great year!! Hopefully 2012 will be just as good if not better!!!

  7. really nice time line! <3
    your year looked full of fun! ^ ^

    Happy New Year!

  8. woow I really liek this post !!! nice pictures. I´m happy for you that your year was so good <3<3<3
    lots of love
    sui chan

  9. Gesundes neues Jahr dir! Ich bin leider krank ins neue Jahr gestartet ;-;
    Dein Jahresrückblickspost ist voll süss ♥
    Mal schauen, was 2012 so bereithält für uns!

  10. Was für ein schöner Post!! Soviel Mühe steckt dadrin, ich wäre wahrscheinlich zu faul sowas zu machen! XDDD

    Ich wünsche dir ein frohes neues Jahr, und bis Februar! ;)

  11. woow!! I love your photos!!! so cool!!! *w*
    nice post!!!
    happy new year!! ^o^


  12. ich wünsch dir ein wundervolles himmlisches neues jahr mit viel liebe, glück, freude, gesundheit, erfolg und das sich alles was du dir wünscht und vor nimmst erfüllt ♥

    ich hoffe wir sehen uns dieses jahr *-*♥

    die bilder sind alle so mega schön :3

  13. ~Your 2011 is so excited. HOpe you have a great new year ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  14. wow u had a great 2011 ;)
    hope that Happy new year
    you are Japanese girl right?I saw you school uniform :)sop attractive

  15. Great Blog!!! *0* I gonna follow you since righ now!!! Happy New year to you too! I hope it brings you a lot of wonderfull moments and glad lifestyle!

  16. WOW incredible year!!

    Happy new Year!