☆Home Party + GETS! + ViVi 01/12 LIKES☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
i hope you like it~
thank you for more than 770 Follower!
on friday i had lunch with my friend Kübi!
we went to Makoto and had some yummy food!
afterwards we went to the Neotokyo
i got a new clear file from Rilakkuma, and the ViVi issue of January :)
Nya!! Ayumi appeared on the cover!!! ^-^/
well today i read that she will divorce her husband!
well i couldn´t like him from the start, so it´s a good thing haha~ 
but yes for both of them it´s a sad thing.
in the evening Kübi and me went to a home party of our friend Kristina!
she prepared so much food!
Kristina comes from Kazakhstan so she explained to our japanese friends, what food she prepared  haha
we played some dancing games for Wii!
some of the guests haha
yes and i covered my face lol, i had a weird expression :P
 we had a relly great evening!
and here are some scans from the ViVi issue of January!
i never bought ViVi before, but i really like this mag!
i love those coats!!
arww they are so cute! 
Reina Triendl (r.) is so pretty!!! she is half japanese and half austrian!
and Lena has a date with Miura Shôhei! haha i´m jealous lol 
so cute outfits!!!
lately creepers became really popular!
i also own a pair of white ones haha
ohhh i want this shirt :)
 this coat is also so cute!!
I love this outfit!!
Kana-chan <3
coat love haha
 i love INGNI! 
 i want those Ayu produced lashes!!! <3
oh and let´s hope that THIS style won´t be that popular haha

thank you for reading!!
see you later


  1. Tolle Scans! :3
    Die Bilder von der Party und dem Essen sehen auch toll aus!

  2. Wow! Vivi has so many pretty clothes! : D

  3. Guess its time to invest in another cute coat!

  4. the food looks delicious =*-*= and you look very pretty in your coat ~ i really like it :3

    ShuShu ♥

  5. Lol @ Gruppenbild... (Ich glaube, du weißt wieso.)
    Die Beine von Reina Triedl machen mir übrigens Angst.


  6. WOW! Lovely cozy home party is always awesome!!! ;) Btw, I am doing online shop selling cool Japanese stuff, so plz check it out! ThanX!

  7. Der Mantel ist echt toll, ich trag den auch recht oft ^.^
    Makoto Essen ist soooo lecker *,*
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Die Vivi ist ein tolles Magazin. Habe mir letztes Jahr meine erste Ausgabe geholt - ganz schön schwer und jede Menge Inspirationen *^.^* Neotokyo ist wohl sowas wie der Berliner OCS, oder? :D Muss ich mir merken 8)

    ♪ Vernissage and Cream ♫

  9. woaa good food :D
    im getting hungry

  10. hab vivi davor auch noch nie gelesen, aber ich denk ich werds mal machen =D
    toller blogpost! ♥


  11. wow that food looks good , and wow what a feast lol. Also thats same name as my Nick name (Reina) lol

  12. I'm not a huge fan of Vivi, some of their outfits are cute but it's a bit too plain for my liking. I might get it this month though for Ayu!

  13. Huhu,

    klar kein Streß, Februar ist vollkommen ok :) Sag einfach, wann du Zeit hast ^.^
    Liebe Grüße

  14. wooow!!! I love your photos!!!! are very cool and cute!!! ^^

    and I love of scans!!! so very cool!!!
    your outfit so fantastic!! *w*


  15. Awww such a cute spam! I love all of the outfits!

    You're so lovely!


  16. Congratulations! Which would mean I'm your 778 follower haha~ :3
    I'm definitely getting the Vivi magazine when I go on holiday >o<! So kawaii~! ^o^!

  17. Congrats on your followers, and the food looks scrumptious!! (:.. Cute outfit btw!

    CMPang x

  18. I'm just loving your yellow haircolour! :) It looks very good :) Best wishes from Germany

  19. Great scans :) Really pretty outfits!~
    I see a lot of Russian food there!!! Even caviare! Awesome :)