☆What´s in my BAG?! No.2☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
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well, actually today i wanted to attend two birthday partys of my friends, but since last night i didn´t felt very well...so i decided to stay at home :(
really sad, ´cause i was so looking forward to it~
oh and please take a look at this AWESOME BLOG!ドキドキ
it´s from my friend Theresa!! ドキドキ she is so lovely! please check it out! ドキドキ

but now let´s come to the main topic. last week i made some pics from what´s inside my bag.
so first of all this is my bag:
i really love this bag. i bought it in Japan SBY109 last year 
so let´s take a look what´s inside!
so we have a Rilakkuma cosmetic pouch, iPod, docomo phone, Co&Lu eyelash case, tissues, key, cosmetic tissues, Nikon camera, Rose Fan Fan purse, Rilakkuma Purikura book, Rilakkuma schedule, Disney Land pen, sun glasses (just on sunny days haha), oh and i always carry the latest issue of my fav. j-magazines around lol

now let´s take a look into my make-up pouch!
deo, BB cream, CA parfum, Canmake lip booster, nivea lip balm, melliesh&candy doll&RL lip gloss, Maybelline powder, ArtDeco eyeshadow base, Manhattan concealer, Palty eyebrow color, Maybelline mascara, Max Factor&Essence eyeliner, dolly wink eyeliner, Dolly Wink eyeshadow, Hello Kitty band aids, comb, contact lenses, Lycée eye drops, Marie mirror, hair accessoires, pink eyelash curler
 i carry so much stuff with me around haha 
(i wrote to every product the brands name,´cause i also like it in other blogs when it´s this detailed concearning make-up products ^^/)
 and now let´s take a look into my purse
purikura and fotofix pictures, money, liz lisa member card and pasmo card (just as a memory haha), bonus cards for bubble tea stores, neotokyo and for a maid cafe in Tokyo lol, money&visa card, ID, university ID, library card , mensa card, ADAC card and a book store voucher, and the train map of Berlin haha~
 thank you for reading!
i hope you liked this little trip through my bag haha
please take care everyone!


  1. Nice post~
    Your bag is soo lovely!

  2. You have so many things in your bag haha ! Wish I have all of them :)
    Isn't it heavy, btw ?

  3. wooooooow ich will beide taschen haben ;o;
    taschen und inhalt sind so toll*_*

  4. Haha, ich mag solche Blogposts total gern~! Sowas zu sehen ist immer interessant. Der Inhalt meiner Tasche würde komplett anders aussehen xD

    Eine sehr hübsche Tasche, btw

  5. *o* viele schöne sachen, die man gerne freiwillig mit sich herumträgt:3
    Welche vorteile bringt eigentlich die liz lisa member card?

    <3 (:

  6. you love rilakkuma ?
    i love it too !! by the way nice handbag ^0^

  7. I love your bag! so Liz lisa :)
    and I always use that Dolly wink eyeliner too!!!the Rilakkuma cosmetic pouch is so cute >3

  8. gorgeous bag!
    and all your stuff is so cute :D

  9. love your bag, looks a bit like liz lisa :)

  10. I totally love this king of post! I especially like the contents of the make up pouch =P
    Are you also in tokyo at the moment ?
    See ya !

  11. Aww~~~ wie genial. Ich liebe solche Posts. Wollte ich auch schon immer mal machen und hab's dann immer wieder vergessen. ^^'

  12. Was wiegt denn bitte deine Tasche??! XD Da ist ja soooo viel drin *lol*
    Ich hab die Woche auch einen Post über den Inhalt meiner Tasche gemacht, da ich getagged wurde :)
    Deine Tasche ist totaaal hübsch! Ich werde mir in Japan defintiv auch eine kaufen müssen!!
    Wann wollen wir uns mal treffen? :) Gute Besserung ♥
    Liebe Grüße

  13. omg you have so much stuff in your bag! I always love these kind of posts lol~


  14. Oooh you have so much things in your bag!! ..I kind of do too though xP hehe

  15. hello!
    Your bag so very cool and cute!! *w*

  16. Ahhh, was für niedliche Dinge!! Ich will auch mal so einen Post machen! :) Danke übrigens für deinen süßen Brief, ich meld mich demnächst auch wegen dem Besuch bei dir! ;)

  17. I really love your bag *--* Really beautiful *^*
    I am so happy that you've followed me ^^
    Thanks!! I follow u too

  18. Gorgeous bag~! I used to put a lot of items in my bag too, until there was one time I didn't put the lid on my orange juice properly and it spilled all over my bag!( ̄◇ ̄;) Everything was sticky including my bag sobs. Morale of the story is not to put beverage in the bag or make sure the lid is closed. XD

  19. Aww your bag is so pretty ^_^ i love the Rilakkuma Purikura book <3

  20. Really soooooo lovely bag....

    If you want more information about the fashion market

  21. o, my god! u're so me! i carry a lotta stuff too, everywhere! hehehe...
    you had many cute stuff. love it :)) <3