☆calendar 2012 + PC Game Museum☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
 How are you doing?
thank you for more than 765 Follower!!!
i´m so happy!
Today i wanna show you my calendars for 2012
well normaly i just have one, and that´s everyone the new calendar from Ayumi Hamasaki haha
but this year i got some more
so here are the covers and the first sheet of January
1st: Ayumi Hamasaki
she is so pretty!!

2nd: BEAST 
bought this one in Tokyo! i was so happy that i found it haha

3rd: Kiritani Mirei (c) by Seventeen
this was a present from Seventeen magazine

4th: Hello Kitty
I got this from my japanese friend Yuki, so cute!

5th: Hello Kitty
this was a christmas present from my friend relatives!

aren´t they great? hehe

today i had an excursion to the PC Game Museum in Berlin.
i study library and information science as my minor subject in university.
therefore we have to visit libraries in Berlin. 
so today we went to this one.
it was really interesting! afterwards we also could go to the museum and look around hehe
 history of Mario hehe
My friend Kübi playing Donkey Kong hehe
Kübi again :D
i definitely want to go there again hehe

 oh, today i received a letter from my friend Sammy!
she is in Japan right now as an exchange student :)
so cute :D
 oh, and last Friday my mom celebrated her birthday
i made this cake for her
she really liked it hehe :D
thank you for reading!!!
oh, here a song from Golden Bomber which i really like recently!


  1. Aw those calendars are so cute! That museum sounds really awesome! I love the poster with Mario showing how he evolved hehe~

  2. oh Golden Bomber! LOL
    I love them too~
    I'm going to their live for 2days on this weekend <3

  3. Was für schöne Kalendar!! Ich hab nur ein Schedule Book, und einen Katzenkalendar von meiner Schwesti :)

    Ahh, ich liebe Mario, vor allem als er noch so ein 8 Bit-Figürchen war :))

  4. wooow I love your calendars!!!! *w* so very cute!!!

    kisses!!! ^^

  5. Golden Bombaaaaaa !!!! xD
    Schade, dass sie nicht spielen, wenn wir grad in Japan sind, hätte sie soooo gern live gesehn ;_;

    Die Kalender sind hübsch!! Wo hängst du die denn alle auf? *lach*
    Wir müssen mal nen Termin machen wann wir uns treffen wollen (und wo) ^.^
    Liebe Grüße

  6. wow those calenders are really cute :), and that birthday cake looks really good too