☆1st Part of my room make-over + Etude House☆

!!!Hi GAL´s!!!
Thank you again for all those lovely comments.ドキドキ
I am so happy that you all like the stuff I am writing about.ニコニコキスマーク
Today I want to show you one section of my room, which is already finished.アップクラッカー
BEFORE my room make-over it looked like this:
 so many posters haha にひひ
and NOW it looks like this!ドキドキラブラブ
Close Up
finally I have a place for all my Gyaru magazines.ドキドキ
that makes me happy hehe ニコニコチョキ音譜
 some of my beauty things beside and above my new mirror.ニコニコリボン

I will post more pictures when my room is completely finished ニコニコクラッカー
 ☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆
Do you know the Korean Beauty label ETUDE HOUSE?ドキドキ
I totally love their products, especially the face masks.
They have an awesome smell and they are totally refreshing.クラッカー
because of my cold which lasts now for one week i have to use a face mask because my skin is so dry.あせる
I used this one with Aloe + Hyaluronic Acid チョキ
If you use them too, How do you like them?ニコニコ
Thank you for reading.
See you next time!


  1. Now its a fantastic room with a lot stile!!

    Thanks for visist my blog!!

  2. aaaiiiihhh.... this is great! I like the shelf so much (I always saw the shelf like that in japanese magazine when they showed their models' room.I also like how the lamp beside the bed makes the atmosphere very different(:
    your beauty products are lovely. I really want to come to your room! hehehe...xp
    Oh, yea.. I love Etude House too. I have their peach blush on, foundation and eye pencil. I just bought for the other products at online shopping, but they haven't arrived. Can't waiiittt!!!!

    ~keep posting!!^^

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  3. dein zimmer sieht echt süß aus :3
    in so einer farbe will ich meins auch streichen (*_*)

  4. dein Zimmer schaut voll bequem aus :D und vorallem hast du so viele gyaru magazine ! <3 x]

  5. Wow wow ! You made a great job ! I especially love the little curtain on the wall over your bed ! So cute ~
    I'm making a room make over as well, but I think it will take a long time to be finished completely >.<

  6. you're room looks so awesome x) gorgeous honey : D

  7. Your room looks great now!! I like! xD

    I know Etude House, their products are awesome. I had a face cream, my skin felt much better after using it. :D

  8. loving your new room make over!! ^_^ I like that you painted the walls! ^_^

    i've used the etude masks before -they are wonderful masks!! I like them!

  9. Wow, your room looks so much better now ^__^
    I want a room like that too O.O
    Wonderful ^_^


  10. NeNe sweetie, I didn't mean to make you cry over my post! ^.^ I'm glad you liked it, it came from the bottom of my heart, and I meant every single word I said...

    Oh your room is so cute!! Kawaii!! The fabric-curtain-thingy is so princesslike, it looks so sweet... It's great that you finally have the place to show of your magazines and cute things! Wow, it looks like it ran away from some magazine or something... ^.^

    I never used Etude-products, but your post made me curious about it...

  11. Your room is so nice and pretty and lovely and... *Q* ! I want the same! >w<
    OMG you have got palty's products!
    I'm gonna try this, but is it good? because I have asian dark hair :D !
    Love you gal ! I'm a huge fan of your blog *_*
    The circle lenses are here :) :


  12. wow you have such a cute room hun ^^~ and btw what is that hair iron you use?:o

    Btw, please visit my blog, I awarded you:)


  13. Such a lovely room. It looks much better without so many posters, more adult like.

  14. Hey,
    kanntet ihr euch in Tokyo aus?
    Weil ich mit meiner Mutter vielleicht auch nach Tokyo mal möchte...

  15. Your room looks so pink and princessy! How long did you take for the makeover?

    Mine is just messy and I'm inspired to pack it now! haha

  16. Your room is so cute! I love the curtain draped over the bed and the new wall color; very girly and feminine! ^^

  17. Your room is AMAZING !
    I love it so muchh! I wish my room would look like that >_<"!! But I've got too much stuff cluttering my room x)!!

    So much awesome magazines *-*! /jealous

  18. @Anonym
    Nein wir kannten uns auch nicht aus, da es für uns auch das erste mal dort war.
    Dennoch kamen wir prima zurecht und dank der Hilfe von unseren jap. Freunden haben wir auch Dinge gesehen, die nicht im Reiseführer stehen ;)

  19. Dein Zimmer ist ja süß *o*
    Ich will meins auch renovieren <0<

  20. Great job on your room make over. It looks sooooo cute! :-)

  21. Hi!I love everything about your blog. I love Etude House too.
    More power!
    Best regards,