☆What´s in my bag?☆

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Todays topic is: ´What´s in my Bag?´カバン
So here it is アップ
 1st of all, my bag ドキドキ
 I love it so muchドキドキ
It´s from Shibuya 109, Tokyo.

And here comes the stuff inside my bag クラッカー
 left to right: wallet (Liz Lisa), Make-Up case (San-X), keys, Sun Glasses, mini hair straightener (for rainy days), cell phone (Sharp Docomo SH-06A), Purikura album (San-X), mp3 player, pen, monokuro boo notebook(San-X)
1st: Make-Up case
 from left to right: tissues (Hello Kitty), mirror (Muji)-> Self made ラブラブ, deodorant, concealer (Manhattan), Lip stick-Watering Lip effect (NIVEA), powder (Maybelline), Liquid Eyeliner (Dolly Wink), comb, band aids, painkillers.

2nd: Wallet
 Liz Lisa (OIOI, Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

3rd: Purikura album
 it´s also my album for my Kame photos hehe ニコニコドキドキ
 Yes, that was the little journey through my bag ニコニコ
I hope you liked itドキドキ

Thank you for reading.
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  1. woah der Liz Lisa geldbeutel ist geil ! <3

  2. Hi pretty!!, Waaaa wallet and bag are so fantastic, i love white color for this item.


  3. I Love Kame *____*

    I follow you ;)

  4. so eine süße Tasche^^, ich will auch so eine XD

  5. =O the bag and wallet are 2die for~!
    and purikura album so cute~<3
    hehe kame <3

  6. I love your bag and wallet - super cute!

  7. ich liebe deine tasche plus inhalt!

    woher hast du das purikura buch?ich habe so oft nach einem gesucht aber immer nur die dünnen,schmalen im kiddyland gefunden ;_;

  8. hi hi hi das schminktäschlein hab ich auch. ach die tasche selbst und der inhalt ist toll *schwärm*

  9. Oh I totally fell in love with your wallet (you know I like your bag too :D) How funny that you carry a little straightener around with you. How does it work? On batteries? Or do you need to plug it in somewhere?

  10. Congratulations for your 100 followers! I'm happy for you :D
    I do love your bag *_* ! You went to japan right ? So luckyyy *_*
    I love everything in your bag XD. SO gal, so cute! Your wallet is ... woah *_* just love it.
    And oh you have the dollywing eyeliner *_* ! Is it good?
    And I also looove your purikura album! Want same >_< (but it'll be difficult because in France there are no purkiura xD...)

    Really love your blog <3 Love ya!

  11. YAY for 100 followers!! ^_^

    OMG!! your wallet is just WOW!! I love it!!!

    Thanks for sending me that link!!! I haven't checked it out yet - but will be looking thru it tomorrow. I'M EXCITED!!

  12. I love that deco den mirror! ! !
    Wanna shop at Shibuya too..... many bags... want them.. :D

  13. Hey, also dein Tascheninhalt und meiner ähneln sich so unglaublich!!! Fast alles aus unseren Taschen ist aus Japan XDDD Echt niedliche Sachen hast du. ^0^

  14. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!^^ 100 Follower! Wow, thats pretty cool!
    Du hast so einen süßen Geschmack.^////^

  15. So cute, do you have any idol books? I love hello kitty xxx

  16. ^0^ thank you for visiting my blog and commenting hun :)

    that mirror is so adorable!I want to make some too :) really cute :)

  17. congrats to 100 followers. ahh, i adore your bag *___*

  18. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! And I hope you feel better now and also that your room make over is going well. :-)

  19. Congratulation on 100+ follower, there'll be even more in the future ;)
    I always have difficulties to finde the right wallet, but I have to say (although Liz Lisa doesn't provide the style I like) I'm in love with your wallet. It's just so pretty *_*
    I've been following your blog for a while now. Keep up that great work. :)