☆iPhone 5s+GETS+SALE!! (Liz Lisa, Tralala,..)☆

Hello everyone <3
wow, it´s my first free weekend within 3 weeks...and i guess the last one until the end of february haha
well, actually not much happened during the last weeks~
here are just some random news:

i bought a new phone-> iPhone 5s!
it  was kinda expensive, but i got a 10% discount haha
 it´s Yui Kanno on my screen  haha she is so prettyyy~~~
and i bought the cute Disney phone case at the japanese Amazon ^^/ 
Cinderella is my most favourite Disney movie <3

i also got the Popteen issues for November and December~ and the last issue of Mens Egg magazine...
it´s kinda sad to see the progress of the mens egg magazine within the years..
i never bought it, but sometimes looked at the scans in the internet~
so i decided to buy the last issue~~haha

last week and this week i visited the christmas market in my hometown~~
it´s really nice this year...or maybe i just feel this way because i couldn´t go there last year, cause i was in Japan haha
so  nice, i hope i can go next week again...the food is totaly worth it lol

on tuesday i went shopping~ i had to buy a dress for a wedding ceremony next week~my cousin is going to get married...but it was really difficult to find something!
in the end i bought a dress from the kids wedding section lol it was the only one which was not tooo much overstyled, and looked kinda nice though  haha
the decoration was so pretty!!
and this is the dress~

it´s very simple and has a bow attached on the side ^^

i also bought two other dresses!~
very simple ones for summer ^^
same style just different colors~^^

SALE Section!!

Liz Lisa Skirt
One Size, bought in Tokyo, SBY 109,
material is more for autumn/winter, safety pants inside the skirt
40€ (w/o shipping)

One Size, bought in Tokyo
35€ (w/o shipping)

Pink Mix Tunika
Only worn once!
One Size, bought in Tokyo, Ikebukuro
28€ (w/o shipping)

if you´re interested please comment on this post below with your e-mail address, or write a direct e-mail to me! my address is written on the right side of my blog in the contact box ^^/

Thank you for reading!!!! 
Bye Bye <3


  1. the cinderella iphone case is so cute! I wish there were more cute cases for other phones as well;-;

    1. thank you <3 oh that´s true...the cases in europe are so plain T__T...