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ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
Thank you
again for all those lovely comments to my previous post ドキドキ
!!Thank you for 390 FOLLOWERS!!! ドキドキキスマークドキドキ
ラブラブI´m so Happyラブラブ
i haven´t post for such a long time!!! sorry....あせるしょぼん
i didn´t felt like posting ´cause of the horrible things which happened in Japan, and also because i was very busy for the last few weeks...汗ダウン
well on the 4th of March we had a welcome party for the Japanese students, which came to my university in Berlin for one month for studying.ラブラブ

on the 11th~13th there was the home stay weekend. アップ
the girl which had lived at my place for those 3 days was Tomomi!ラブラブ
such a cute and nice girl.!!
on the 11th of march we went to the Girugämesh concert together.チョキ音譜
before that we visited the signing session メモ
there were so many people DASH!

the concert was pretty cool, but....there was a depressed mood because of the things which happend on the same day in Japan....しょぼん
here is my signed poster ラブラブ

on Saturday we went through Potsdam for sightseeing 目

i got some cute Omiyage from Tomomi ドキドキ
cookies お団子, Sakura tea お茶  and a cute Hello Kitty みかこ towel 
thank you ドキドキ

on Sunday we met my friend Eileen, Marion and her home stay partner, Erina.ドキドキ
we went to bubble´s of course hahaha
Tomomi & Erina ドキドキ

afterwards we had lunch at Susuru´s ラーメン
in the afternoon we went to a park with outdoor karaoke!!! カラオケ
so cool !! mostly foreign people sang songs hahaha really awesome にひひ
on the 15th of March i met up with Yune, Marion and Eileen ドキドキ
we went to the Sixties restaurant for dinner アップ
BBQ pizza ラブラブ
Marion & Eileen ラブラブ

in the evening we watched ´Ai no Mukidashi´ in the cinema ドキドキ映画
it´s with Takahiro Nishijima from AAA!!! ラブラブ!ラブラブ
i love this movie so much!! hahaha i watched it the last time in 2009チョキ
do you know this movie???ニコニコ
on the 18th i met up with Marion in the morning.
we had breakfast at McDonalds 食パン hahaha
afterwards we met 2 German guys and some of the boys from the japanese students アップ
we made a bit sightseeing haha
 Marion between all the guys hahaha so cute ラブラブ
in the evening i met with Yune and Elisa. アップ
we went to Elisas school because she had an art exhibition there!!!
it was really interesting.アップ
i also got a present from her. it was a KAT-TUN poster!!! hahaha ドキドキラブラブ!
thank you so much!キスマーク
afterwards we met up with marion in the train, and so the 3 of us went to my place. 新幹線

on the 19th we went to the book fair in Leipzig!! 車
we dressed up as kogals ぎゃる haha
(but my outfit wasn´t complete汗...i was really pissedガーンむかっ
...all the stuff i´ve ordered arrived not in timeパンチ!....so my extensions, new dw lashes and lipgloss wasn´t there....ダウン)
well here are some pics カメラ
Yune & Marion & me

our bags カバン
one part of the area
afterwards we could see a nice sunset 晴れ

i bought a SS501 uchiwa!!!! ドキドキ hahaha
love love ドキドキドキドキドキドキ
it was a funny day アップ
on the 20th we went to Dresden with the japanese students about 7:30 in the morning...gosh i was so tired from the day before ぐぅぐぅ hahaha
well here are some pics
lunch ラーメン

than we went on top of the famous church!!! あし
チョキ Hiroyuki & Marion & me & Yuta チョキ

キラキラMakoto & Hiroyuki & Yohei & Yutaキラキラ

キラキラMakoto & Misakiキラキラ

group picture!!ラブラブ
this week i got my extensions, dolly wink eyelashes and melliesh lip gloss!!! FINALLYビックリマーク

Dolly Wink lashes No.1 and Melliesh Lip Gloss No.3 ドキドキ
on the 24th i went shopping with Marion and Steffi
i bought a new cute dress ワンピース
we had dinner at ´Makoto´s´ ラーメン
and in the evening Marion and me went to Bubble´s of course!!!

on Friday we had the farewell party for the japanese students....but it wasn´t the last day we had seen each other...so it was more like a drinking party hahaha ビール
group pic

on the 25th we went to Potsdam for sightseeing 目

all the girls ラブラブ
group pic again
on the 28th we did again sightseeing in Berlin.
in the evening we went to Hiroyuki´s and Yuta´s apartment for drinking party ビール and practicing japanese and german hahaha アップ
on the 29th we also met those 2 friends again for shopping and drinking!!!アップ,
it was really funny but also sad because we knew, it was the last day....しょぼん

yesterday ,30th of march we brought our friends to the airport飛行機....the farewell was really sadしょぼん...
we gave some presents to our friends.プレゼント
we also received a cute farewell card from the 2 boys 手紙
(won´t show the messages..sorry...)

forced smiles?! haha....
after they went to the check-in we watched the plane depart飛行機....

after saying good bye, Marion and me went to Bubble´s....and to a park....we slept for some minutes there hahaぐぅぐぅcause i just slept 1 hour at night and Marion stayed awake the whole night haha...
our feelings were really mixed up....合格
after eating dinner we went back home....cause of lack of sleep i went to bed early haha...ぐぅぐぅ
メッセージは日本の友達へ ラブラブ
thank you everyone for reading this loooooong post!!!!ラブラブ
oh lately i found this video from one of my fav. k-pop band BEAST!ラブラブ!
i didn´t know that they have recorded their awesome song ´SHOCK´ also in japanese language with a PV!!! ドキドキ
it´s sooo cool!! LOVE LOVEドキドキドキドキドキドキ

please take care everyone キスマーク


  1. wie ich immer aussehe xD (bis auf das letze bild)
    voll viel passiert im märz <3

    good job tabea!

  2. sind die extensions & wimpern qualitätstechnisch empfehlenswert :D? will mir ja auch wieder welche holen hihi x.x

    das gruppenbild is so süß :D
    sieht nach ner menge spaß aus :D

  3. Wow, what a busy life you have! I can understand why you did not update, you were doing many fun things! It's so cool Japanese students came to your school, they seemed very friendly. Oh if I would be quite happy being around all those male Japanese students XD

    The dress you bought is very nice, and luckily your extensions finally came, though not in time ><

  4. huh wo ist mein kommi hin? Q_Q
    also nochmal... >//<

    -> Woah was für süße bilder x) Besonders die LBM fotos mit euren school outfits sind richtig hübsch! :3

    AW much love to BEAST! *A*
    priceless wie Junhyung trotzdem auf koreanisch rappt :´D aber wenn man die koreanischen Songs kennt, hört sich das auf japanisch immer so komisch an... ;_; Es ist nix gegen die Sprache ;3; ich glaub das ist einfach nur gewöhnungssache xD

    btw. wollte ich fragen woher du die extensions hast bzw ob sie gut sind? xD

  5. Hi!!, precious photos and clothes!!

  6. hi hi from elisa

    your blog is fun ^^ I like it very much.

    Ich freue mich, dass dir das Poster gefällt und ich wollte mich nochmal bedanken, dass ihr bei der Vernissage da ward. :D

  7. Lovely post with so much to look at! Thank you!

  8. Hey!!! Von welcher Uni kamen denn die Studenten?? Ich hab nämlich bei meiner Arbeit eine Kollegin gehabt, die wollte eigentlich im März für nen Monat nach Berlin wollte, aber schlussendlich doch nicht gehen konnte...

    Aber schön dass du soviel Spass hattest in den letzten Tagen! Ich wollte mich eigentlich schon längst bei dir gemeldet haben, denn ich bin ja seit 2 Wochen wieder zurück in Düsseldorf und weiß nicht wann ich wieder zurück nach Tokyo kann...

  9. wow that was such a long post!but I do love your post!^_^ you look really cute in a school girl outfit=) hihi

  10. You look soo cute!! ^.^
    I like your ribbon! (=´▽`)ゞ

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  12. I've never hear beast before! I love Shock. Must download! And i've mentioned your blog here: http://www.chaudie.net/2011/04/weekly-lovely-3/

  13. Hey, I'm so glad I found your blog :)! Hope you can check out my beauty blog sometime!


  14. wow 0.0 you got alot of new things!!!!!

  15. I looove your uniform ! its sooo cute !