☆Dolly Wink - Liz Lisa - Spring - easter time☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
Thank you
again for all those lovely comments to my previous post ドキドキ
!!Thank you for 419 FOLLOWERS!!! ドキドキキスマークドキドキ
well....nothing much happened in the last few days...あせる
i received some new stuff from Pupsi ラブラブ
she bought it for me when she was in Japan ドキドキキスマーク

new Dolly Wink lashes, a cute white fur ball, Tsubasa pamphlets and a cute letter
thank you so much again ドキドキ
on 15th of April i went shopping with my dad haha にひひ
we bought some presents for my mom and i got new shoes サンダル
aren´t they beautiful??? キラキラ 
actually i wanted them in brown!!! BUT i couldn´t find them NOWHERE!!!ガーン
annoying....but those are great as well~ドキドキ

there was a nice sunset in the evening 晴れ
on 20th of April Marion celebrated her 20th birthday!!クラッカープレゼント
we met about 12:00 at Bubbles~
Jules and me gave her some really useful presents haha にひひ
i gave her a cute schedule and the choco eggs and Jules gave her a new JE magazine haha

i also bought a cute cake and bubble tea for her  ケーキワイン
we had a lot of fun while talking ラブラブ

this was my outfit~ワンピース

oh and spring finally arrived here!!!コスモス
everything looks so beautiful!

on that day i also received a letter from my friend Thanh Thao!!!ドキドキ
she sent her old Kat-Tun cards and a poster to me!!!! ラブラブ!ラブラブ
omg i was so happy!! ショック!音譜
thank you so much!!!キスマーク

on weekend i visited my grandparents house because of easter time.家
my mom colored some easter eggs haha
the whole time the weather was wonderful!!!黄色い花

i also got some cute easter presentsプレゼント
much chocolate, money, cute stickers, tights (and also some clothes...) ドキドキ

i also watched some dramas
 ヤンキー君とメガネちゃん  and .メイちゃんの執事  ラブラブ!ドキドキ
omg... Narimiya Hiroki and Mizushima Hiro....it was too much ドキドキ
both are so hot hahah
ok whatever... xD

when i arrived at home i received my new Liz Lisa bag!!!ドキドキニコニコ
 it´s so cute!!!ラブラブ!
so yesterday Yune told me that SM Town comes to France!!!!!!叫び
omg i was sooo excited....BUT the ticket were sold today at 10:00 in the morning and it was SOLD OUT within 45min.....i was so pissed!!!!! it was such a big dream to see my favourite Korean bands all together at one concert...i hope i can find some tickets at ebay which doesn´t cost 200€!!!!プンプンむかっ
well today i went to university and noticed that i prepared the wrong tasks for today haha
so i couldn´t go to class....汗
somehow everything goes wrong this year....really annoying...ガーン
in the afternoon i went to Bubbles with my friends~
and i also bought new shorts with cute laces today!!!! ラブラブ
sorry that i just talked about new stuff i got in the last days...but nothing really happened and i don´t have so much time for writing proper posts...i´m really sorry~しょぼん
oh Marion, Sesin and me decided to go to Tokyo in summer nevertheless!ドキドキ
we will book our flight next month!!飛行機
i´m so looking forward to see my friends again, and also my new friends i made!!!ドキドキキスマーク
Thank you for reading!! please take care everyone キスマーク


  1. waaahh lovely liz lisa bag uber kawaii desu~ and gah lucky i want to try some dolly wink eyelashes or anythign dolly wink hahaha ^____^

  2. i like it!!! http://redpassioncy.blogspot.com/

  3. Eine Woche vor der Katastrophe habe ich einen Flug gebucht.Der ist gestrichen!!!!!!Es wär mein erstes mal in Tokyo gewesen....Hast du keine Angst vor der Radioaktivität?!?!


  4. Nochmal Carie hier^^
    Sind das welche die du suchst:



  5. awww die sachen sind alle so toll*v*
    hast du die liz lisa-tasche bei dir offiziellen seite gekauft? ich find das ja immer so unerhört teuer^^'''
    aber schöne bilder*v*
    Frohe Ostern! :3

  6. the short are really really beautiful ^^

  7. Heho :-))

    Schön dass dir die Kat-Tun Sachen gefalen haben, wie gesagt ich hab hier noch einiges mehr XD Ich heb das alles für dich auf :-)

    So schade, dass ich mein Working Holiday vorzeitig abbrechen musste, sonst hätten wir uns im Sommer in Tokyo gesehen!! Ich hab mich schon voll gefreut auf Shoppen, Purikura und Spaß mit dir! Ich muss dich einfach mal in Potsdam besuchen kommen ;)Ich werde aber ab Sommer 2012 wieder für ein Jahr rüber gehen, also sieht man sich bestimmt mal in Tokyo!

    Liebe Grüße!!

  8. Wow..
    Kaum zu glauben, dass du noch genug Geld hast, um nach Tokyo zu fliegen, bei den Dingen, die du nebenbei mal eben kaufst ^^°
    Aber wenns doch reicht, dann viel Spaß ;)
    Schöne Sachen haste aber bekommen!
    Und ehrlich gesagt finde ich Berichte über neuen stuff echt interessant ^^
    Worüber willste denn sonst schreiben???
    Aber bitte vergiss mich nicht, wenn du in Tokyo bist ;)

    Liebe Grüße von
    Koko =)

  9. hey thx soooo much for the info~

    omg so nice that u have the shop near by :(
    and i dont :( aaaahhhh my perth suck!! LOL they dont sell ANY japanese magazine!! >.<)0

    so i asked my japanese exchange student to send it for me :)
    and now im waiting for the hey say jump calender, NYC new single, hey say jump's arigatou :)

    and my japanese teacher is going to send me a photo from JE shop in tokyo i think....well the photo is chinen yuri and NYC <3

    but i still havent got anything new about kat-tun :(
    but hopefuly if kat0tun have new single, I'LL BUY'EM!! :D

  10. Lve this shoes !! WOW the easter eggs are cool!! XD

  11. love your shoes..i am looking for some alike, but i still don't have luck T.T' haha anyway yours are very lovely ^^
    and also bag and shorts are :) lucky shopping~~

    wish you nice day,
    Ichigo ^^

  12. oh, what a sweet blog. definitely going to follow you! :D

  13. I like all the Dollywink items you got, that was so nice of your friend to pick those up for you! And the new shoes are really cute too!

    Your coordinate is so sweet, and wow your hair is so long XD

  14. luv your outfit and all the bunny stuff!!

  15. I'm in love with your new stuff!
    Specially with your new Liz Lisa bag♥

  16. Hi! lovely post :)
    nice blog!! i follow you now!
    Would you come in mine and follow me?i'd be very happy!

  17. Hi !
    I love your bag, dolly wink eyelashe and your easter chocolates !
    Oh by the way, when will you come to japan ? That will be so cool if you come in july so you could join my Gals Meeting ^___^

  18. Mmm I love bubble tea! Cute blog <3

  19. I love your new shoes! You're so lucky:)

  20. ich liebe die wimpern x.x einfach awesome ♥

  21. what a beautiful spring~ aaw I want to see it with my own eyes~! and your liz liza bag is just too cute too =)

  22. You don't look like japanese girl ^__^ haha
    german girls are so not pretty.


  23. @Cari
    oh danke für die links <3
    also wir werden jetzt wahrscheinlich im september fliegen. angst hat man natürlich schon ein wenig, aber wir haben uns jetzt dazu entschlossen das zu machen. falls es doch noch weitere katastrophen geben sollte planen wir eine ausweichmöglichkeit weiter zu südlich zu finden.