☆Popsister LIKES - Outfit Check - Tokyo Apartment - Yamapi☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
!!Thank you for 434 FOLLOWERS!!! ドキドキキスマーク
and of course for all those lovely comments!!
well, nothing special happened in the last days, but i felt like blogging so i talk about some random stuff. あせるチョキ
so, since it´s May i want to show you the May/Juni sheet of my Ayumi Hamasaki calendar. ドキドキ
i really like it,  but i think some fresher colors would have matched those month better アップ
on tuesday i met my dad and my sister in the center of my home town ビルラブラブ
outfit check:
hat: claire´s
dress: styler zone Berlin
west: Liz Lisa
overknees: Zara
boots: city walk
bag: Liz Lisa

i had to go to the citizens´ office, ´cause i need a new ID card. 汗ポケベル
afterwards we went to a café and ate some ice cream and stuff! ソフトクリームコーヒー
i just had a yummy ice chocolate ソフトクリーム

my sis had an ice cram pizza!!! omg it looked so so awesome!! ショック!ラブラブ
next time i will order that too haha!!!
sooo since spring arrived the weather is great and what´s better than hanging around with your friends in the park after university and drinking bubble tea?!?!ドキドキコーヒー

red guava bubble tea with yoghurt boba hahaha  ドキドキコーヒー
my favourite since some weeks! ラブラブ!ラブラブ

andddd for dinner i just made korean ramen ラーメン
they were yummy but really spicy haha
some days ago i looked at the new Popsister issue and found some nice stuff which i really like!ドキドキ
Yui and Tsubasa!!! my most favourite models ever!!! ドキドキキラキラ
i loved them in Popteen magazine so much!!!

how i LOVE these kind of shoes!!!!!! サンダルラブラブ

i love the Liz Lisa dress!! and Tsubasa looks so cute!! ラブラブ

the skirt is so awesome!!! リボン

a close-up about Yui hehe  
she is so natural beautiful!!! ニコニコラブラブ

oh and finaly ´you´re beautiful´ was released in Japan!!!ドキドキテレビ
omg i loved this drama so much!!  Lee HongKi!!! love love

in September my friends Sesin and Marion, and me will visit Japan-Tokyo.飛行機アップ
therefore i looked for some nice apartments for this period of time. 家
i found a nice one near Nippori Station! ラブラブ

everything looks so great!! i really hope we can live there!!! ショック!ドキドキ

for dinner i had kare today 割り箸
it was really yummy!!! i got this kare from my japanese friend! she has good taste haha

right now i watched the european song contest!!!
well....Azerbaijan is the winner....the song wasn´t that great...むかっダウン
my favourites were denmark, sweden, estonia, romania, austria, and spain.

 omg, since i´ve watched "Buzzer Beat" some days ago, i fell again in love with Yamapi!!!!ドキドキ
omg, how can someone be this beautiful and perfect?? that´s really amazing. ショック!キラキラ
i love this song so much!! 音譜

oh and i´ve decided to not color my hair with the new palty hair color, ´cause Sami told me that the hair color won´t last long. あせるむかっ
so for now i go to the hair dresser again. and the next time i try the pink package Palty hair color series. アップ

and we also won´t go to SM TOWN to Paris, ´cause we decided to spend the money for our Japan trip!  it´s very sad, but i think we will have the chance to see them someday...

Thank you for reading!! please take care everyone キスマーク


  1. I love Yamapi's new song too! ^^ even as a solo artist, I still love him! haha!

    Aw you're going to Japan in September!? How long will you be there?? ^^ sounds like fun! how nice it is to travel with friends!

    I haven't been able to purchase or look at any jmags in a while, but i like what you've picked out!

  2. looove your liz liza <3~
    and I'll be waiting for your next post bout your trip to japan, hope u'll get an enjoyable moment there =D

  3. My favourite song being replayed like crazy is a collaboration by Namie Amuro and Yamashita Tomohisa called 'Unusual' I hope you check it out it's awesome :)

    I'm excited for your Japan trip, please keep us updated! ^-^

  4. Viel Glück mit dem Apartment, sieht echt toll aus ♥ & Nippori hat ja ne sehr gute Verbindung~

    Diese Pink series von Palty interessieren mich irgendwie auch...hab grad letzt die ganze Reihe irgendwo gesehen (ich glaube ebay...?) aber nach meinem letzten Farbversuch mit Japanischem Haarfärbemittel bin ich ein wenig...vorsichtig xD wenn man wie ich nicht nur eine Haarfarbe hat ist das ein wenig schwierig...~

  5. wwww buzzer beat war so geil <3;;

    bzw ich hab eine epi im auto geguckt im letzten sommer
    die japansiche synchro von you're beautiful is grusel XD;;

  6. Oh wie schön mal wieder von dir nen Post zu lesen! War in letzter Zeit selbst kaum aktiv hier, haha! XDDD

    Ich freu mich dass du wieder nach Tokyo fährst! Es ist echt ein Jammer, dass ich nicht mehr da , hatte das alles schon so schön geplant :__:
    Naja, früher oder später wird man sich sehen <3

    Ich hab übrigens meine Blog Url geändert, also bitte die Blogroll updaten wenn du mich weiterhin followen möchtest :-) Liebe Grüße!


  7. ich hab auch schon gehört, dass es günstiger ist, sich ne wohnung in japan zu mieten anstatt ins hotel zu gehn^^
    Ich bin ja mal gespannt ich freu mich schon auf fotos

  8. I like your outfit, its very sweet and looks great on you. The ice cream pizza does look amazing, it combines two of my favorite foods haha!

    Wow thats cool you will stay in an apartment. How long will you be in Tokyo from September?

  9. Cute outfit!

    I've tried Palty hairdye before and I found it to be quite good. My hair felt really soft and undamaged afterwards and had a nice shine to it. I dont think it made as much difference to my hair as I expected it to but I didn't bleach it prior to using.

  10. cute post. i love your outfit too =>

  11. Great outfit and I totally love those noodles!

  12. It looks like you had fun! I love all of your pics; thank you for sharing:) P.S. Thank you for following my blog:D xx

  13. Oh my! I love Yamapi too! <3333 Your outfit is so cute. :3 And, He's beautiful will be remade in Japan, deshou? So exciting!! :3