☆RyuRyu + Popteen Likes / Friday Party / KAT-TUN - white☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
!!Thank you for 442 FOLLOWERS!!! ドキドキキスマーク
and of course for all those lovely comments!!
well, last week i bought some new magazinesショック!ラブラブ
a japanese catalogue with awesome room deco and clothes, and the latest Popsister magazines!!!ラブラブ!ラブラブ
Popsister may and june and RyuRyu catalogue Summer 2011.チョキ
so first of all i want to show you some nice stuff from RyuRyu 音譜
check out the website: RyuRyu

i definitely need such a red checkered shirt!!アップ
so cute minnie mouse stuff!!!ドキドキ

and now look at those awesome deco and furniture for your room!!! ラブラブ!ドキドキ
everything looks so lovely!!

ahhh i´m so amazed by so much cuteness haha!!叫びラブラブ
i wish i had such a lovely looking room!!
and now look at this kind of chair!!!! ドキドキ
a macaron chair!!!ショック!ラブラブ
i want to order it so badly hahaha

(sorry for the bad photo quality ...あせる)

now the things i liked from Popteen´s May issue
(sorry, but i think the cover looks so odd...ダウン汗)
i need such light blue damaged jeans!! but i couldn´t find them ´til now...むっむかっ

and the stuff from June´s issue 
(this cover is much better than the one before...even when it doesn´t seems like Popteen style.)
i love all those marine themed outfits!!ラブラブ!ラブラブ
they are so cute~  
oh and aren´t those nails cool???
ohhh and i want this set of Tsubasa lashes including the box haha~ラブラブ

on that day i also bought a japanese book with the story of Cinderella~本
it´s easy to read and the paintings are so lovely ne
(unfortunately i didn´t pay attention to the fact that there are just a few kanji written....next time i need a book for kids with more of them, to practice)
in the afternoon i had lunch at the sixties restaurant with my friend Eileen!!ハンバーガー
we ate pizza and burger haha
really yummy, but i couldn´t finish the pizza...it was too much...汗(but i should have finish it, ´cause it was so pricey haha)
oh and i fell in love with those Korean snack!! ラブラブ
i got them some time ago from my korean friend~
really yummy
so, on Friday morning i went to the hair dresser. 美容院 
actually i wanted to dye my hair with Palty hair color, but the shipping would need 2 more weeks, and i looked so bad, so i will do that next time i think.ビックリマーク 
my hair is more blonde again, so that my extensions fits better....but actually i really want milktea brown hair ....i really can´t decide.合格にひひ汗
i met up with Sesin and Marion for a discussion concerning our trip to Tokyo in September. 飛行機
we planned the excursions to Kyôto, Ôsaka and other cities near Tokyo, we also calculated the rates for the whole trip.¥
of course we did that at Bubbles haha
love red guave!!

afterwards Marion and me went to Kristinas home party!!クラッカー
we bought a cake for her!!ケーキ
it´s the Benjamin Blümchen cake!!! do you know it??? such a delicious cake, even when it´s actually for kids hahaha にひひ

Kristina made so much food for us!!!  i couldn´t eat everything, because it was too much.ショック!

Marion and Cindy 音譜

and me with Mr. Pillow haha 音譜
(Cindy made this for Kristina...it´s so cute!!!!ラブラブ!)

we had such a funny evening!!! 
but i needed 2 hours to get home, ´cause of train problems....i was so tired haha あせる
so, today i just did some stuff for university...it was really tiring...hahaぐぅぐぅ
i made some sandwiches and strawberries for dinner, with yummy milk tea!!ラブラブ!
actually not that spectacular!! haha 汗
 oh, and did you see KAT-TUN´s new PV?音譜
i really love the new song....but the PV...well....it´s not my taste haha
but Kame looks great!ラブラブ!ラブラブ

Thank you for reading!! please take care everyone キスマーク


  1. waah, what a cute macaron chair! now I want it too >___<

  2. ehhhh..was ist der japanische name für son "sitzding" das ja süss XD. mein freund würd michzwar umbringen soviel rosa in unserem schlafzimmer, aber er gewöhnt sich schon dran... XD wenigstens bestelle ich den 90 cm alpacas nicht mehr..oder mal gucken XD

  3. Du scheinst ja nicht so viele Sachen aus den letzten beiden Popteen Ausgaben zu mögen! XD
    Der Stuhl/das Sitzkissen ist ja wirklich extrem niedlich! Auch wenn es eigentlich überhaupt nicht in mein Zimmer passt, kaufen würde ich es wahrscheinlich trotzdem!! XD
    Hast du das Buch online gekauft oder bei NeoTokyo?
    Der Mr. Pillow ist wirklich total süß,
    ich find es total super wenn Freunde sowas für eine machen, da steckt ja auch ne ganze Menge arbeit drin! ^-^
    Übrigens finde ich das neue PV von KAT-TUN auch nicht so toll, ist halt kein Highlight aber der Song gefällt mir ganz gut!

  4. awww danke dass du mich unterstützen wolltest aber hat sich eh erledigt, war wohl zu hässlich XDD
    ja ich hab mir palty auch schon angeschaut aber die farben sind alle zu dunkel für mich, die einzige helle farbe eist golden blonde aba die is zu golden für mich^^ trotzdem danke für den tipp :3
    diese sweet interior books kenn ich auch, aww die sind so toll*v* aba leider kann man das nur alleine machen, mein freund würde so eine Wohnung wohl nicht akzeptieren XP

  5. Waaa, so ein niedliches Zimmer will ich auch! Und ich bin egentlich recht nah dran, haha, es quillt so über von niedlichen Dingen, die ich während der letzten vier Jahre aus Japan zurückgekarrt hab XDDDD Nur mit der Ordnung stimmts noch nicht ganz :-))

  6. Ahhh!!
    I really want the macaron chair toooooo! ^___^ And eee I really need to go buy the new Popteen! Love the oufits *-*

  7. You remind me to buy some magazines too !
    I stopped linstenning to kat-tun when jian akanishi sang "love juice" in a album, it's been ages !!
    Where is he ? 0_0

  8. i have a hello kitty buscuit bear! =D
    the food looks delicious!! <3

  9. Oh my. I want to order that chair too. So adorable :3 Me and your friend have the same name! Say hi to Marion from me :) Haha. <3

  10. der song ist ganz süß - ach und kame sieht so hammer aus und koki gefällt mir in dem pv auch total gut - man sieht langsam das die jungs zu männern werden ne ^^

  11. haha i have watched kat-tun's new pv too~
    btw i have a great news that chinen yuri will be playing as honey-senpai from the manga/anime ouran high school club >.< and im soooo looking forward to it ❤

  12. Some of the cloths are soo adorable!! I'm totally wanting them ♥ DId you draw these pixels? They're so cute :D

  13. Poopteen is always sooo nice! x3

    And I love very yummy food! cakeeees *¬*

    Ah! I follow you! So nice to meet you! ^____^ /

  14. Oh myyy.. Lovely rooms! <333 And I agree, Popteen May 2011 ish looks different O_O Woah. Nice idea of reading Japanese Children books to practice reading jap characters. Will do that as well! heehee~~ :D Btw, OMG, are you a fan of JE idols? My gosh!! I SO LOVE THEM esp Hey! Say! JUMP~~~ <333333

  15. ого ...много постоянных читателей :)
    Молодец !

    Столько вкусностей :) ням - ням

  16. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  17. so cool pages of the magazines & great outfits n.n ! congrats you have a lot of followers ^^

  18. Thanks for the Mag scans! <3 And I love the "rose style" bedroom! So girly and cute! I can't wait to move, my new room will be styled that way ^ ^

  19. Hallo ^///^

    Dein Blog ist wirklich total süß und toll. :3

    Die Benjamin Blümchen Torte ist verdammt lecker. ♥ *///*

    Liebe Grüße~
    Ayame ^o^

  20. :O!
    Where do you buy Japanese magazines?
    I want that kind of room too! *0*
    Nice post! ;D