☆Outfit Post + Gets + Easter Vacation + New Ank Rouge Collection S/S + food☆

Hello Hello

how are you doing??~
i hope everyone of you had nice easter vacation ^-^/
i definitely had, but i will tell you later hehe
on wednesday i met my friend Eileen for shopping!!
 this was my hair style and outfit:
(too stupid for selfies hahaha ;PPP)
i decided for a curly side bun this day ^o^/
the outfit:
accessories: Accessorize, random store in Shinjuku
dress: Honeys
cardigan: Wonder Rocket
blazer: Liz Lisa
socks: Tutuanna
sandals: Street

we met about 13:00 and went a little shopping~
i just bought some soap for my friend Chisato at l´occitane~
 ok, i bought the sakura soap for me haha

and a cute Moomin shirt at Uniqlo!
i love moomin!!! i hope they will produce them also for the adult section, and not just kids section lol....
in the evening we also took some purikura ^-^/
my lovely best friend hehehehe <3
it was a nice day like always haha~


now let´s talk about easter vacation!
i met my family on saturday for easter lunch ^o^/
we went to a restaurant about 40min away from my hometown!
it´s located near a river! the landscape was so pretty hehe
  so pretty right?!?! *3*/
on sunday we went to my grandmas place! she lives around 250km away from my home ;o;
i got so many easter presents!!! *°*/
so much chocolate!!! X___X
actually i am on a diet right now haha....
i love flowers and blossoms <3 hehe


omg some days ago i saw the new Ank Rouge collection and i love EVERYTHING!!! 
especially the sailor outfit and those dungarees!!! *_______*
  so cute right?!?! ;Q; <3 
so much better compared to the current Liz Lisa collection lol....

at the end some food porn from the last weeks haha

Thank you for reading and all those lovely comments to my previous post <3
i hope next time i can post a video or pictures of my room! one of my readers requested a room tour hehe  what do you prefer? pictures or a video? or both? haha
bye bye, see u next time <3


  1. pictures and videos would be great *_* <3

    1. ok :) ich weiß zwar noch nicht wie man videos bearbeitet, aber ich werds mal probieren xD danke für deinen kommi <3

  2. Awww die neue Ank rouge collection ist echt toll!! *.* hab ich heute bei okarie auf instagram gesehn xD
    Die Haare und dein make up sehen toll aus!! Und das Moominshirt!! *o* Wie wars sonst so bei uniqlo?
    Liebe Grüße

    1. ja, oder???? ;O; so toll <3 oh, wie heißt okarie bei insta??
      dankeschön <333 ich hab gesehen ihr wart auch heute da? xD wie wars???
      liebe grüße <3

  3. Great pictures. ^__^ Your outfit is lovely. :)


  4. Your hair looks soo cute *w*
    Bai, Shiki

  5. Haha yes the ank rouge collection is indeed so much better! I don't like the LL collection at all... I would love to see pictures of your room ^^

    1. right?!?!?! i love it so much hehe!!! me neither...i am really disappointed about the new LL collection....T__T
      okiiii, i try to make a room tour post next time hehe :)
      thank you for your comment<3

  6. I love your outfit, is super cute =)

  7. So lovely and cute :3

    恵美より ♥

  8. Your hair and outfit are super cute >___< And you look very good on the purikuras as well! Oh, I totally understand you, the Liz Lisa collection was... so so for me D: And the Ank Rouge O: I think there is only one think that I don't ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

    1. thank you cutie!!! <3 >///< right?!?! it´s totally nothing special...and it´s not so cute in my opnion...the Ank Rouge collection is so much better hehe~

  9. wow that crop white top with the heart cutout, i wonder how that actually looks on a person normally .-.

    1. that´s so pretty right?!?! i wish i could try it on haha