☆Outfit Post + Gets + Liz Lisa A/W 2014 + Popteen August☆


Hello Hello

how are you doing??~
srsly, i should post more often....T^T/...
 well, on wednesday i met my friends Anne and Stefan and their babyboy Naoki <3
this was my outfit:
dress, blazer, bag: Liz Lisa
tights: Tutuanna
heels: Tamaris

we had lunch at the Hashi Izakaya and dessert at a nice café near the cathedral!

it was such a nice day :D

did you already check out the new Liz Lisa collection for A/W??
all the things which are promoted by Yui are so so wonderful!!! <3

i hope all of these things will be featured in the web shop soon hehe *o*/
i also got my copies of Popteen (August) and Egg (last issue)
here are some favorites out of Popteen:
Since Kumicky will graduate from Popteen magazine, there will be special pages about her in the issues of August, September and October~ really sad, because especially in the last two years i really came to like her. 
 i also met her at NHK Tokyo last year <3 what a nice memory ^^/
(even if i look so stupid haha)
well, i am excited about the last two specials in Popteen about her !
here are some outfits i really like:
the most interesting part was the feature about Gal History! :D
I liked the years  2004 - 2009 the most! maybe because i started reading Popteen in 2007, and am more familar with the older styles haha (and models lol) i really miss those times though~ 
ohh and i like the special about Nicole and her boyfriend hehe~
both of them are so cute! i already saw some of the pictures at Twitter, but the printed result is much cuter ^^/
 i also went shopping in the last days haha!
omg i spent so much money on autumn clothes....but it was really necessary T_T
first i bought some shoes!
what do you think? :3 i like all of them so much hehe

i also got some new things at Zara and Forever 21!
i got this parker at Zara! it was really expensive, but the different functions are so nice haha
you can wear it now, as a light autumn jacket, or you can put in an inner jacket to wear it as a parker for winter! also you can take off the fur and the hood ^-^/
got these three items at Forever 21! both of the dresses were just 12€! so it was a MUST to buy them haha
this cute shirt is from UNIQLO! unfortunately all the good colors were nearly sold out, and with the good colors, also the good sizes lol... so i took size L, obviously too big, but i will wear it at home lol it was so cheap anyway! but the print is super lovely!!! <3
aaaand the last piece i bought is a cute hair ribbon! haha~

 in the beginning of August i visited a huge festival about sailing-ships in the north of Germany! it was so interesting!!! *o*
here are some pictures i took :D
i really love the sea *___* wish i could go there more often U___U
aaaaaaand at the end some food porn of the last weeks lol
wow, what a long post......
thank you for reading!!! <3


  1. I always look forward to your blogposts they're very cute! Ah, that Liz Lisa A/W featuring Yui is one of the better collections! Looking very cute, and that food looks so yummy

  2. Such cute pics! Love your outfit. ^^

  3. I really do love the things you've got *_*

  4. Nice post, wonderful blog :)
    would you like to follow each other via gfc? let me know :)


  5. Die Herbst Winter Kollektion von LL ist ja soooooooooooo toll *O* OMG!!! ♥
    Schöne Sachen hast du gekauft! Ich war heut auch bei Deichmann aber das Paar Schuhe gabs nur noch einmal in 39, viel zu klein für mich ^^; hab mir aber ein neues Paar gekauft für den Herbst, ich liebe sie schon jetzt ♥
    Ich bin so traurig dass Kumicky geht ;_;
    Liebe Grüße

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