☆Berlins hidden hotspots #1 "Katjes Café Grün-Ohr☆


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Welcome to my new project "Berlins hidden hotspots"!
i got the idea from one of my lovely readers! (thank you <3)
i will introduce all of my favorite stores and restaurants in Berlin, which are mostly not a part of any Berlin travel guide!
 so i hope you will like this new project!

First hidden hotspot in Berlin might be the "Katjes Café Grün-Ohr"!
here is the address:
Café Grün-Ohr
Rosenthaler Str. 32
10178 Berlin 

Katjes candy products are really popular among young people, ´cause they produce vegetarian candies! so they are a real trendsetter!
 the color scheme is green-pink! 
the entrance with a menu for daily specials!
everywhere you can see the cute bunny mascot!
when you enter the store, you will see the daily offer of cute cupcakes!
they come in two sizes!
you can also order freshly mixed fruit juices and different kinds of coffee!
you can also buy different Katjes products....
...and if you want to have a taste of more than one kind of candy, you can mix all your favorites and create your own candy bag!
also some merchandise is available! post cards, t-shirts, bowls, i phone cases, etc! the cute bunny is really popular!
if you´re lucky you can also watch the baking process of freshly made cupcakes!!!
the brands motto is decorating a wall!
vintage style is the theme of the whole store, especially the dining area!
we ordered Latte Macchiato (3,20€ each), a vanilla-chocolate cupcake and a vanilla-strawberry cupcake (2,80€ each)! it was really good!
you will also get a point card! 
i really like this store!
the design is super cute, the food is delicious and it´s clean and has a good atmosphere!
if you´re in Berlin, please check it out!!
thank you for reading <3


  1. I really like the style of that place, so cute. When I will visit Berlin i will must go there too.
    Bai, Shiki


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    1. thank you for your comment ^-^
      yes, it´s a pretty cute place, i hope you like it, if you´ll go there someday ^-^

  2. This made me miss Berlin! I really want to visit Berlin again and go to this cute place then. ^^

    1. ohhh please come back to berlin someday :D
      here are so many new cool stores and restaurants :)

  3. OMg that cafe is so cute! *o* reminds me of Genki tei in The Hague :)

    1. i hope you can come here and visit the cafe someday :)
      how is japan btw? :D

  4. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass es so einen süßen Laden in Berlin gibt :o Werd ich auf jeden Fall mal hingehen, wenn ich das nächste Mal in Berlin bin *-* Super cool! :D

    1. ja mach das mal :DDD der laden an sich ist schon so niedlich xD und die cupcakes echt lecker *__*

  5. looks so cute~~ I wish we had something like this in my city T_T

    1. ohhh, i hope a cute store will open in your city someday as well ^-^v