☆Blog Vote+Popsister August+Nana Suzuki+X Japan☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
Thank you so much for 532 Followers now ドキドキキスマーク
 well, i have a favour to ask you again~ドキドキ
could you please vote for my blog?キラキラ
i would be really happy about it!ラブラブ!ラブラブ
just klick HERE and vote for NeNe´s Blog in the side bar on the right.ニコニコ
i made a screenshot this time カメラ
it´s very easy ニコニコ
thank you so much in advance~ドキドキキスマーク
 on Monday i went to the X Japan concert here in Berlin!!!ショック!ラブラブ
omg this band was the first japanese band i´ve listined to when i was 14.アップ
so it was really amazing seeing them live!!!目音譜
well, honestly i never thought that i would get the chance to see them once in my life しょぼんドキドキ
i think i couldn´t yet realize that they were right in front of me...haha ドキドキ
 so here are some pictures:
in front of the hall i met some old friends.キラキラ
really great~
well, here is the setlist 音譜
they really played all the awesome songs!!!音譜
of course they have so much more songs which i love, but i was satisfied with the decision!ラブラブ!

(the following pics are taken by my friend)
Yoshiki loos like 13 years ago haha
still wearing tight leather shorts
Yoshiki and Toshi
(i think Toshi had some face surgery haha 
he looked so different and also his hair didn´t looked real にひひ汗 ....who knows汗)
the concert was really amazing. even when i hadn´t a perfect view,´cause in front of me were always huuuge people...ダウンDASH!

after the concert i bought a tour shirt!
i don´t wear it, it´s just for sleepingぐぅぐぅ haha   but it was a MUST buy!ドキドキ

here is a video where all the fans sang ´Endless Rain´.ドキドキ雨
it was so touching, it´s one of my favourite songs.ドキドキ

it was one of the best experiences in my life.ラブラブ
i´m glad i had the chance to see them Live.
Thank you so much~ドキドキ
well some days ago i leafed through the new Popsister issue ラブラブ
Tsubasa-chan will release her debut CD soon!!ラブラブ
omg i can´t wait. にひひ
she looks so cute, and the PV seems to be lovely as well ドキドキ

well finally Nana-chan also appears in Popsister magazine, that means she gratuated from Popteen magazine. しょぼんあせる
so, ALL of the former Popteen models gratuated now...あせる
i´m not that happy, ´cause i really liked Nana-chan, and now she appears in Popsister mag as well, like most of all the other models....ガーン
i´m not such a huge fan of all the curent popteen models,´cause i think most of them look really dumb....汗
i won´t stop buying the Popteen mag ´cause i love the fashion,
but i will really miss my fav. models which pulled off the style so well!アップドキドキ
i know i also could buy the popsister mag, but the style isn´t my taste and i can´t buy it in Berlin.ダウン
 and just for seing Tsubasa, Yui, Nana & co, i don´t spend money, so i  just read the scans in the internet. あせる

 here are some more scans with Nana-chan
i will really miss her....Popteen won´t be that great anymore ダウン

(but nevertheless i like the current Popteen cover haha
i also changed my cell phone wallpaper )
(btw Nana-chan and me have the same cell phone haha)
yesterday i went to Bubble´s after 2 weeks i guess. ラブラブ
i had some yummy yoghurt lemon tea ラブラブ

and i also got to know the result for my essay from the last semester!!叫びラブラブ
i got an 1,7!!! i´m really happy about it!ラブラブ

today i did some grocery shopping チョコレート
so much sweets ....チョコレートチョコレートチョコレート

right now i have to learn Kanji, ´cause i have an exam on Monday. ガーン汗
but i don´t have a good feeling about it....

´cause it´s the 7th of July today, and in Japan the Tanabata Matsuri was held
i wanna show you this cute song by Tegomasu ドキドキ

Thank you for reading!!キスマーク   
please take care everyone 音譜


  1. Viel Erfolg beim Lernen! Wenn ich iwie helfen kann frag mich ruhig XDD

    Ich werd mal bald die Hyper Sim bestellen und hoffe dass ich dann mein jp Handy hier benutzen kann!! ;)))

    Hast du meinen Post schon gelesen?? Es gibt jetzt hier in Düsseldorf auh Bubble Tea <33 Da müssen wir unbedingt mal hin wenn du dann zum Japan-Tag hier bist! Freu mich schon!! ;)


  2. omg X JAPAN!! T__T ich möchte auch..;O; armut is kaka ><
    wie auch immer schön dass du es genießen konntest^^
    ooooh wenn du dich mit thanh-thao-chan triffst, dann komm ich auch zum treffen XD *v*

  3. ehh XD die bunny tasche habe ich auch XD benutze sie auch für meien stifte und co.. ausm 100 yen shop in harajuku gell? XD

    jaa ich bin auch gespannt, bei magic to love, war ja tsubasas stimme ja net so schlimm, wie bei manch anderen XD

  4. VOTED your blog already ^o^/ u got the highest vote so far. good luck Nene ^^

  5. ohh, is nana moved to popsister? ;__;

    anyway, you have japanese phones? >__<
    where did you get 'em?? i wanna get 'em too,
    because i'll be going to japan soon, please give me some information about it!! >__<

    and how nice of you went to x-japan's concert!! >__< :)


  6. OMG! Naachan already graduated from popteen? T^T


  7. Zomg I luuurve Nana Suzuki! She's so so cuuute <3 IT's a shame that they've all graduated into Popsister though ;__;

  8. Hello,
    i will gaive you an "Kreativ Blogger Award" because i find your blog very good and interesting. http://jakubick.myblog.de/jakubick/art/7046022/Kreativ-Blogger-Award
    when you will keep the award you must assume it.
    Have a nice Day

  9. Hallu <333

    oh ich wünsche dir viel Spaß und Glück beim lernen. x333~

    Ich hab für dein Blog gevotet. <3 hihi~
    viel viel Glück ^____^~

    Ich will die CD von Tsubasa dan unbedingt haben xDDD ♥ Ich kann es auch kaum noch abwarten. *v*

    Ich wünsch dir noch einen himmlischen Tag. <3

    lg <3

  10. voted~ looks like a fun concert! Two fashion magazines from japan that I read from time to time are: ViVi and Scawaii --- bubble tea <3

  11. Totally voted for you~♥
    X Japannn~ yer soo luckyyy~
    T^TSo sad that nana-chan graduated from popteen.
    Tsubasa looked so pretty in the PV!

    You will do great on your exam~! xoxo