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 well, on wednesday i practiced a new hairstyle 美容院
this hair style was actually planed for a wedding which was held on Friday by friends of my parentsアップ
i really like this hairstyle, just simple but it´s pretty~ニコニコ音譜
i also got this dress by today ワンピース
its a black grey dress with leopard print
i also bought those cute shoes, they are 3cm high and have a little bow attached in the front サンダルリボン
on thursday i went shopping with my dad ラブラブ
omg he bought so much stuff for me...and it´s not my birthday or even chtistmas 叫びアップ
i was so happy ショック!ドキドキ

well this was my outfit for this day キラキラ

first of all we went to a furniture store 椅子
well i was looking for a white carpet about 10 month now, and finally i found a cute one. ラブラブ!
i also got a light pink one, which is so supper fluffy 得意げドキドキ
now i just need new curtains and than my room will be finished! チョキ
when it´s totally finished i will do a little tour through my room for you. アップ
i hope you´ll be interested にひひ汗haha
if not, than tell me please ニコニコ

afterwards we went to the shopping mall ビル
we went to Accessorize again, and i bought some cute tights and stickers, and a lovely bag which my dad found for me カバンアップ

thereafter we went to the electric shop and i got a new camera カメラキラキラ
i just got it because our old one is broken and i absolutely need a new camera for my trip to Tokyoにひひあせる
it´s a NIKON coolpix S3100 アップ
cute ne~音譜

btw it was raining the whole day again....雨ガーン
but it was a great day nevertheless ドキドキ
well on Friday we went to a wedding of my parents friends son! クラッカー
it was such a great wedding. ラブラブ!
but of course....it was rainig all day long again...雨
this was my outfit, but i made another hair style compared to my practice on wednesday,´cause of the rain the curls would have been gone within 5 minutesあせる haha
so i made some simple cornrows on the right side アップ

about 2pm we went to the church バレンタインチョコ
the ceremony was really great, and the bride´s dress was so so wonderful!!!ワンピースラブラブ
also the bridal bouquet was so pretty!!ブーケ2

afterwards we had coffee and cake in the castle, which was located near the church ショック!キラキラ

i forgot to take pics of the food....sorry~しょぼん

the bridal couple also sawed a piece of birch into 2 pieces.
it´s an old tradition ニコニコ
isn´t the dress wonderful??? ラブラブ!

here is the present tableプレゼント
such a cute balloon

so many events were hold but i couldn´t manage to take a photo of everything ガーン
here is the table decoration of the dinner tables 合格
so cute ne~キラキラ

we also stayed overnight ´cause the journey took about 2.5 hours to the location.あせる
this was the guest house 家

so today (saturday) we went back home in the morning.車
it was a really great wedding ceremony!クラッカーラブラブ

for todays song i´ve choosen Taeyang´s song "wedding dress" ドキドキ

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  1. Ahhh, Tabea ! You look gorgeous in the photos *_*! And yay for getting a new camera ! I can't wait to see many more photos taken by you <3 !

    And I like Taeyang's Wedding Dress !! *_*

  2. the wedding looked beautiful

    visit my blog

  3. your hair looks soo pretty. too bad you couldnt use the same hair style cuz of the rain... i loved it. the wedding dress looks sooo pretty too. im definitly going to join your giveaway =3

  4. wow mustve been a beautiful wedding and your outfit looks cute

  5. Ohhhh, ich liebe dien Shoping Outfit! Ich suche schon lange Tights mit Pünktchenmuster, muss mal wieder shoppen gehen sobald ich mein Gehalt hab, haha!

    Ich war noch nie auf einer Hochzeit, das war bestimmt schön mit allen zu feiern! <3

    Du wirst noch genug Sonne und Hitze bekommen wenn du im September in Tokyo bist! Dann wirst du dir Regen wünschen, lol!

    Liebste Grüße!

  6. Your outfits are awesome!! *o* You're so cute and you have such a nice hair too!!!

    That wedding dress is so beautiful!!!

  7. the wedding looks great!
    love your styling!

  8. Wow ! Your blog is beautiful ! I give you a comment and i follow your blog (:
    follow my blog : magicznypedzel.blogspot.com
    i have a question for you ; were are you from ? please answer in comment in my blog

  9. awww, your outfits are always so adorable! & I love "wedding dress"!! YIPPEE ♥

  10. Die Hochzeit sah total toll aus!
    Das Kleid, zumindest das was man erkennt, sieht extrem hübsch aus!
    Außerdem fänd ich so eine kleine roomtour nicht schlecht! ^-^
    Uii... und hast du schon das neue MV von KAT-TUN gesehen? Wie findest du den Song?

  11. i really like your outfits n.n ! & your new camera its really cool <3

    aww a wedding <3 so lovely n.n have a nice day!

  12. HuHu <3
    awww~ die Bilder von der Hochzeit sind total himmlisch und schön. x333~
    *-* Das Brautkleid ist auch mega schööön. *-*

    Deine ganzen Outfits gefallen mir auch mega supi gut. x333~
    Dein Hairstyle ist auch richtig schön. ^o^~

    lg <33

  13. I like your outfits! The wedding looked beautiful! You are on poupee girl, me too.

  14. Wow, you are one lucky girl, my dad never buys me stuff! D:
    And Acessorize in my <3! Their stuff is so lovely.

  15. Hochzeit ♥ Unsere ist jetzt auch schon wieder ein halbes Jahr her ;-; Aber sie war soooooo schön ♥