☆Blog Vote+Popteen August+Hello Kitty cake+Liz Lisa☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
Thank you so much for 526 Followers now, ドキドキキスマーク
i will do a Giveaway in July together with my 1st blog - anniversary
please look forward to it
 well, i have a favour to ask you~
could you please vote for my blog?キラキラ
i would be really happy about it!ラブラブ!ラブラブ
just klick HERE and vote for NeNe´s Blog in the side bar on the right.ニコニコ
thank you so much in advance~ドキドキキスマーク
 oh did you already see the new Popteen cover???ドキドキ
omg it´s so so cute!!
can´t wait to get this issue!!! i love the colors!!!ラブラブ!
since it´s July, i wanna show you the new picture of my Ayumi Hamasaki calendar A
it´s such a great picture
such  a summer feeling 黄色い花
(well in Germany it´s just raining since it´s July 雨haha...汗)
 on thursday i bought presents for my friendsプレゼント
so afterwards Eileen and me went to Burger World ハンバーガーhaha
we ate some fries
and of course we bought bubble tea haha
haha cute eileenアップ
yesterday i had two events to attend hahaラブラブ
first i went to Lisas house- warming party 家
she moved in her own flat some weeks ago
afterwards i went to Berlin to Sammys birthday party. ドキドキ
therefore i baked a cute cake
i made brownies haha  
´cause sammy likes cute stuff as well, i decorated it with Hello Kitty kitty new
so it turned out like this
so it´s the cake and the present i´ve bought プレゼント
cute rilakkuma purse コリラックマ

here while sammy´s unwrapping the present ラブラブ

kitchen party

it was such a nice evening/night 夜の街
thanks to all!!! ラブラブ
i took the first train in the morning about 5am 新幹線
and it was still raining 雨

so today i was just sleeping the whole day ぐぅぐぅhaha

right now i´m watching COLUMBO グッド!
do you know it?
i really like this series.
i started watching it again since i heard Peter Falk died.しょぼん
i also have to learn the last vocabularies by todayガーン

oh and look at this super lovely dress by LiZ LiSA ラブラブ!

i need money haha ¥

Thank you for reading!!キスマーク 
please take care everyone 音譜


  1. The fries look so good, as well the Bubble Tea.
    And you made an awesome job with the hello kitty cake/brownies?
    Looks really nice!

  2. omg das popteen cover ist so süß*_* das ist von august oder?^^

  3. I also want to see this month's Popteen!! So cute colours!! *o*
    Wow I didn't know it rained that much in Germany during summer! >_<

  4. the kitty cake looks really sweet d(⌒ー⌒)

  5. waaa..your rillakuma purse is very very cute <3

  6. Did you save a slice for me?????? =( looks so good haha

    Love the Liz Lisa dress (and her stuff in general)

  7. the popteen cover looks so summery, can't wait to get it :D

  8. Ich freu mich auf dein giveaway!! Und das Kleid ist ja soo süß! Bald kannst du wieder alles kaufen in T! XDDD

  9. The popteen cover look so sweet and cute! I want that popteen haha~~

  10. huhu <3

    oh~ ich wünsch dir viel Spaß beim Vokabeln lernen <3
    *daumen drück*

    *______* das neue Popteen Cover ist echt mega schön <3
    genau wie das JuliKalenderBild von Ayu <3
    richtiges Sommerfeeling :D
    auch wenn man gerade hier bei uns nichts davon spüren kann ;_;

    *-* uhhh lecker dein Kuchen <3 sieht wirklich toll aus *-*
    Könnt glat reinbeißen :D

    lg <3

  11. fries! <3 brownies! <3 mmmm yummy! ;)

    nice blog ;*

  12. ohhh hello kitty brownie cake lol yummm~

  13. Awwe what a cute post! hope you win, good luck!