☆new clothes+Popteen(July) likes+Hanabi+Blog Vote+...☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
Thank you so much for 541 Followers now ドキドキ
on Wednesday i will anounce my 500+ follower/ 1st blog anniversary Giveaway! 
please look forward to it ニコニコ
 well, i have a favour to ask you again~ドキドキ
could you please vote for my blog?キラキラ
i would be really happy about it!ラブラブ!ラブラブ
just klick HERE and vote for NeNe´s Blog in the side bar on the right.ニコニコ
here is a screenshot  カメラ
it´s very easy ニコニコ
thank you so much in advance~ドキドキキスマーク
 well, a lot happened in the last week.  チョキ
so i start with the day, my parents came back from their vacation trip.車
they bought some nice stuff for me, it made ma very happy. ニコニコラブラブ
i got some nice clothes , cute hot pants and socks with laces! キラキラ
i also received a super cute strawberryいちご charm which i´ve attached to my wallet¥
such cute things, i really love themラブラブ
on friday i had my oral exam あせる
therefore i prepared a short report about my trip to tokyo from last year 飛行機
she really liked the report and my pronounciation, that made me so happy.ドキドキ
i talked about my friends, sightseeing, hanabi, kat-tun concert, food and hotel アップ

afterwards i met my friend Eileen. ラブラブ
we went to the japanese restaurant ´Makoto´and ate some yummy ramen ラーメン
side dishes and ASAHI beer~ビールラブラブ

while waiting for our lunch we leafed through our new magazines which we´ve bought before!本
new Popteen and Kera ドキドキ

about 2pm we went to Bubble´s and met Olaf and Martin there チョキ
yummy caramel milk tea ドキドキ

afterwards Eileen and me went shopping again カバン
it´s the Popteen July issue (sadly the august issue wasn´t there yet), Columbo DVD box no.4, and a cute post card ドキドキニコニコ

here are some outfits i really liked, out of Popteen mag ワンピースキラキラ

the C&L bikinis are so cool!!! ショック!ラブラブ

in the evening i met my friend Linda.ラブラブ
we went together to a hanabi in our hometown 打ち上げ花火
it was really great, but also very cooooold~雪の結晶
my cold which i caught on tuesday got more worse haha....汗
but the fireworks were really pretty!!! so i didn´t care haha ラブラブ
just a few pics ´cause i just had my cell phone with me~携帯

afterwards Linda and me went to my brothers house.ラブラブ
my sis was also there and her friend and my brothers girlfriend.クラッカー
it was really great to see them, we talked a little and after 1 hour we left.
so about 2am i was at home with high fever...haha あせるカゼ
on saturday there was actually a party planed at a friends house from university, but ´cause of my cold i couldn´t go there....i was really pissed...プンプン
so i used the day for reparing my iPod. somehow it wasn´t working anymore when i connected it with my notebook. ダウン
but after some research i managed it to work again. i was really happy that the hard drive isn´t damaged...´cause a new one is so fuckin´ expensive...for the money i also could get a new iPodビックリマーク haha

on Sunday i made a little collage about my friends and me ドキドキキスマーク
haha after 2 years i had time for drawing again....メモ
so here is the result ラブラブ
i really like it ニコニコ
 from l. to r. it´s Sesin, Marion and me.チョキ
the kanji on the top means ´Nishinippori´. 
our apartment is in this district of Tokyo in September.
the other kanji are the words ´Tokyo´and ´daisuki-´
how do you like it? ドキドキ

in the evening i watched the final soccer game between Japan and the USA!叫び
omg this match was so so so exciting!!!!!ショック!
i was so happy that the Japanese team won the game!!!!にひひドキドキ

and finally todayyyy~アップ
in the afternoon my friend Nina visited me at home.ラブラブ
she brought some cute things, so that my cold will be better soon  ニコニコ
thank you so much againキスマーク

we decided to go out shopping for a while カバン
yesterday i got to know by chance, that Simple Plan had released their new album in June!!!叫び
so i definitely had to buy it today!!! ドキドキ
haven´t heard  their songs for about 2 years now, but i still love them!ドキドキ
they were my favourite band in the years of 2006-2008アップ
and the record store had a DVD auction....i got the 5th Columbo season for just 9€...haha. so i had to buy it!ラブラブ  (2 seasons left to complete my collection にひひ)

afterwards we also went to Accessorize! ドキドキ
i found so much cute stuff there!!! ラブラブ!
 heart tights, stickers, a bracelet and cute underwear with laces!!ドキドキ
i love underwear with laces attached so much~
so tomorrow i will go to the hair dresser~美容院
we will see how i look afterwards~ 
have to look at some popteen issues before, maybe i try something new.
we will see ニコニコ

Thank you for reading!!キスマーク   
please take care everyone 音譜


  1. You always have many nice photos to share, I wish my life is so interesting! I like the things you got especially the charm. The firework photos are beautiful!

    And you draw so nicely too!

  2. I already vote of you ok n.n !!

    wuau so cute the tings you parents bought for you n.n

    oh yes I was very happy too for the japan women team! n.n

  3. Awesome things, really!

    I look forward to your give away :)

    I like your drawing too!

  4. :O me too went to Tokio last year!!is realy wonderful not??you bought very cute things!!

  5. Ich liebe deine Einträge :D Sie machen mir gute Laune, alles ist so bunt und glitzert!!! xD
    Schönes Bild von dir und deinen Freunden :D Tolle Idee.

  6. Deine Zeichnung ist total süß geworden :3
    und gute Besserung, dass du schnell wieder gesund bist (:

  7. Ohhh, die Collage sieht sooo toll aus, malst du mir auch was??

  8. Ich liebe das Makoto ♥ Da gehn wir auch immer Ramen essen!! Und die haben da so nen süssen kellner :3 Mein Mann schimpft mich immer, wenn ich den anschmachte xD
    Da müssen wir auch mal zusammen essen gehn! Ich liebe die Gyouza ♥