☆NEW Docomo phone + Welcome Party + Purikura☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing?
on Thursday i finally got my new cell phone!
actually i wanted to reuse my old Docomo Phone but after setting the contract and getting the Sim card, it wasn´t working...
so i had to buy a new one! i got the SH-11C. it´s not that great compared to my old phone but it´s still better than a prepaid phone by Softbank~
so i made a new contract again and this time it works!
 i made pics compared to my old one!
SH-11C (2011) vs. SH-06A (2009)
both are really nice, but my old one has more functions xD

after buying our cell phones we had dinner at the steak restaurant near our dormitory~
omg it was so delicious!!
when you order a meal you can order the drink and salad bar just for 300Yen as well, and it´s like all you can eat haha! we ate toooo much!
 On friday we had our first university lessons!
i´m in language class C and Eileen is in D!
my class is really nice :)
in the first two periods i sat beside Raphael. we ended up counting the times how often our teacher said "Sumimasen"....after 60times we stopped counting...and it was within 40min lol....
about 18:05 classes ended...it was a really long day~
in the evening we went to our shopping mall and i got a cute Rilakkuma file~
 Yesterday was the Welcome Party for us Exchange Students!
it started about 13:30 ´til 17:00~
afterwards we went all together to an Izakaya~
cute Eileen :)

 about 18:30 we arrived at the Izakaya!
it was Nomihôdai...so of course we ended up reallyyy drunk...lol
i had two Calpis Sour and 2 Cola Rum...actually the size of the Cola Rum was kinda...huge lol....0,4L...
 result after 2 hours...lol
afterwards i got everyone to join our Purikura session!!!
there was a Karaoke box from AKB48 so Takuya and me sang Aitakatta together!lol
Yui Kanno promoted Purikura!! <3
 i can save the pictures directly to my phone now!!
gladly i got one with contract wwwww
it was a great evening!

today we actually wanted to go to a festival, but it´s raining like hell so we canceled our plan...
thank you for reading <3


  1. Love your phone! I wanna buy a new softbank or docomo phone too! T__T Hehe.


  2. oh gott das sieht alles so toll aus (T///T) wie schön, ich hoffe du findest schnell eine Menge netter Freunde^^ Bis bald<3

  3. cute phone!!

    great blog xx

  4. seems like you have such a great and wonderful time there! hope you make a good progress in Japanese within your course :'3
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  5. Hach wie schön <3 toll dass du jetzt ein neues Handy hast! Musst mir mal deine Mailaddy zusenden damit ich dir schreiben kann ^.^
    Die Fotos sind alle voll toll!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. i suppose the SH-06A screen can be turn and another one can't rigt?

  7. dokomo is cool ^.^ i want it...
    oh my lovely bear Asahi, its so great....yummy....
    really nice pics of you and your friends

  8. Cute phone ! ! !
    i liked both very much w w
    aah you're very lucky (*_*) i wish i could be exchange student to japan too (;_;)
    The purikuras are so cute (^o^) ! !

  9. Wow, looks like you're having alot of fun! Wish you the best in Japan and Im lloking forward to your next entry! ^__^

  10. Amazing phone!
    Photos look soo kawaii! :33

  11. so great pictures!! *_*
    and the phone is really cool!

  12. I love your phone!
    I love your pictures!
    I think you have a happy and enjoyable life! =D

  13. Echt schade, dass das mit dem Fest nicht geklappt hat. =( Und eigentlich wollte ich ja dieses WE mal bei euch reinschauen, aber jetzt hat sich Frau B für Freitag angekündigt...
    Irgendwann schaff ich's noch! >.<