☆last week in Germany #1☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing?
on weekend i went to my grandmas place to see her the last time before i leave for Japan next week >///<
it was really sad to say good bye ;A;
 on Monday i met my lovely Eileen <333~
we went to the japanese embassy to pick up my Visa and to apply for Eileens Visa :)
mine looks like this!
ohhh my picture is so ugly and dark...
afterwards we had some bbt at Kudamm :D
onomnomnom <3
afterwards i met Tine :)
i got some selfmade cookies from her as a farewell gift !
thank you <3
in the afternoom i met my friend Becci!
we went to Kreuzberg to a store called Wonder Waffel!
omg, it was so delicious!
 basically it´s like froyo! you have the waffle and you can choose different toppings :D
and the result looks like this :D
it was a great afternoon!! thank you <3
in the evening i had dinner with Stefan and Anne !!~ <3
we met at Makoto and had some yummy japanese dishes :D
yummy ;A; <3
omg i also got some lovely farewell presents ;///;
the letter was so lovely written, i had to cry >//<
thank you so much ;A;!!! <3
on tuesday i met my friend Olaf :)
we had some froyo *3*/
i have such a chubby face ;A;...

in the afternoon i met Pila~ <3~
we went to the cinema and watched Total Recall!
His beloved popcorn and coke lol~
the movie was...kinda confusing...
´til the end of the movie i thought both of the woman were the same person...they looked so similar X___X.....lol
and omg i was so tired...i nearly fell asleep during the movie...
but it was a great day nevertheless <3
on wednesday i met about 14:00 Mary and Linda <3
we went to Sanssouci :)
omg --- and i saw this red Mustang on the way to the park *__*
my future car ;A; <333~
 Linda and me <3
Mary and me <3
pretty sanssouci <3
i got this as a farewell present from Mary and Laina!!
so cute! thank you so much <3

about 16:00 i met Maria <3 we had some snacks at the bakery and went to H&M :)
afterwards i had to say good bye and met my lovely friend Anne!
first we picked up my new glasses !!
i look so weird with glasses lol~
in the evening we went to Craddog~ an american diner!
yummy BBQ burger *__* <3
we spent nearly 5 hours there~
just talking about random stuff.
it was really great :D
oh and i got my money for Japan today~
today on Thursday i had a doctors and hair dresser appointment~
in the afternoon i waited for my sister and went to a park and looked through some Popteen mags~
about 17:30 i went to my sisters place <3
first we had some bbt :D
so cute :)
 than we went to a german restaurant *3*/
i will miss german dishes T___T...
my sis and me <3
i will miss her ;A;...

bye bye~~
and thank you for reading <3
lol~~~ messy off mode hair xD~


  1. Good luck on your trip! Where in japan will you be staying?


  2. Hi Süße!! Wir waren gestern auch beim Friseur. Stefan sieht grad aus wie eine Mischung aus Top und G Dragon :3 Ich bin ganz hin und weg xDDDD Aber ich darf ihm das nicht sagen, weil er nicht so aussehn will v.v xDD
    Und ich hab jketzt hellere Haare, muss mich da erstmal dran gewöhnen, voll krass :D
    Wir vermissen dich schon jetzt ganz doll ♥
    Liebe Grüße und bis morgen ^.^

  3. hab viel spaß und total schöne fotos, wie immer<3

  4. oh wie ich dich beneide (;0;) du freust dich sicher schon ganz doll*_*
    das wird so geil, ich freu mich voll für dich!*v* Die Bilder sind so toll und die Waffel sieht ja mal soooo lecker aus *0*
    BIs bald<3

  5. Beautiful post. :-) Good luck in Japan.

  6. Viel spass in Japan(*3*)~ I follow you XD (on blogspot *lol*)