☆Shopping @ Shinjuku + Harajuku☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing?
yesterday after university i went shopping at "OPA"!
haha i love this name for a shopping mall, i have to laugh everytime xD
i got a cute cardigan
 nose shadow make-up and a hair tie for free~
and some stuff from Daiso~
this is the night view of the other side of my apartment :)
really pretty ^-^
 today we had to go to University at 9:00 in the morning!...
so we got up really early...
and they just told us how to apply for courses and we had a short interview with the directors of our faculty~ i was the first one who took the interview, and Eileen came after me. so we had finished our university day about 9:40 lol......we nearly payed 10€ to get there just for 40min staying at the uni....
so we decided to go to Shinjuku and Harajuku today!
of course we bouth didn´t bring our camera...so i just had my crappy ipod to take some pics~
this was my outfit today btw:
cardigan: off brand
shirt: New Yorker
skirt: Honeys
boots: off brand
bag: Primark

so first we went to Studio ALTA in Shinjuku~~
omg i was so happy to be back after one year :D
first we went to Liz Lisa <3
but i wasn´t impressed by their new collection...
but the shop staff was so cute haha~
i just got a leo printed pullover~
i had this outfit in my mind while buying and i think it looks really great together. 
and some leaflet~
the liz lisa one is kind of a magazine~
and Tori-chan is the cover model! i really like her, she´s so cute!
she´s nearly everywhere now hehe
when i go to SBY109 i want to try this dress on~
it´s really cute. the only one i liked so far~
i hope it will fit lol
the problem is that esp. those Liz Lisa dresses are so short or i´m just too tall lol~
we will see ^-^
well, afterwards we went to Harajuku!
 first we took some Puri~
it´s awesome that you can take full body pictures now :)
Tori-chan again :)
afterwards we went shopping
i found a cute Poncho ^-^
it´s so Liz Lisa style but much cheaper xD <3
so lovely ne <3
afterwards we went to a side street and went to a Hamburger restaurant!
i had Teriyaki Burger~ so yummy <3
Advertising for Kana Nishinos new Album <3
afterwards we went back home, we were so so tired because of lack of sleep ><

beautiful sunset <3
bye bye~


  1. Was für süße Sachen du dir gekauft hast! ♥ Der Cardigan ist voll süß!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Wow, everything looks so cool!
    Yay, you're one lucky girl lol

  3. ohhh the leopard pullover is so cute!!
    looks very good on you :)
    the whole outfit looks very good! :D

  4. omg du hast wirklich die beste Aussicht*-* Hast du Glück*v*
    Und die Bilder sind so toll(*V*) Ich würde auch gern so viel shoppen*-* das diamond nose make-up hab ich ja auch, hast du dolly oder princess style?^^

  5. Ich will auch endlich wieder exzessiv in Japan shoppen!!!! :) Nächstes Jahr wird wieder zugeschlagen <3 SüßeSachen hats du dir da gekauft! :)

  6. I love that top shirt!


  7. So lucky! I can't wait for my chance of university in Japan. ^^ I love your leo pullover! Can't wait to see more photos from your time in Japan (:

  8. So beautiful things! :33

  9. Hiii It's been a while since I visited you ^^

    How are you?

    Cool post love your outfit and kana 4 ever!!!


  10. I really really like that kawaiii poncho! :3