☆Shopping + Purikura @ Tama-City☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
thow are you doing?
today Eileen and me spent our day in Tama-City!
but first we tried to find out a new way to get to our university...but we forgot to change trains and went too far lol
in university~
afterwards we went to Tama-City~
we went shopping!!! finally!!~ :D
i got some cute things ^-^
omg i was so happy that size M was perfect for me xD....
normally jap. sizes are so small lol~
looks good together with the skirt xD
cute top with cat print :D actually it was a set with a t-shirt, but Eileen didn´t liked the top, so we shared the price and she got the shirt ^^
afterwards we had lunch!~~
omg we were nearly starving!
fried ebi <3
hamburger meat!! onomnomnom~
afterwards i showed Eileen the super cute Sanrio Puroland!
i went there in 2010!
please read HERE! it´s really cute inside!!
so cute ^^
afterwards we made some puri at the games center!
afterwards we went back to our home district!
we just bought some kitchen utensils and headed home!
luckily we arrived at home before the huge storm and rain were coming lol
good night~


  1. So beautiful post and photos!
    You look so cute! Your outfit is amazing :3

  2. nice post,i love the new clothes you buy..:)

  3. Aww ich finds toll, dass du uns an deinem Leben in Japan teilhaben lässt <3
    Süße Sachen hast du dir gekauft, das Oberteil und der Rock sind supersüß ♥
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Ahhh, du lebst grad mein Leben das ich hatte als ich Working Holiday in Tokyo machte XDDD Es war so spaßig!! <3 Tolle Sachen hast du da gekauft! :)

  5. In Japan, most of the cheap hamburger steaks are not so delicious.
    However, for example, the hamburger steak of 7-Eleven is a little delicious.
    It is like Volkswagen Golf for example in the car.

  6. mhhhhhh im getting hungry because of your photos >o<

  7. aww so coole Sachen (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  8. I love that batgirl sweatshirt!



  9. aww i want kana nishino love place album so bad!
    i love every song