☆Japan - Tokyo 09.01.~☆

Hello everyone ^-^/ <3
today i wanna talk about the 9th January :D
i met my lovely friend Chisato in Harajuku <3
we went to Omotesando and looked for her favourite pancake restaurant ^o^
 Omotesando :D
 it was so pretty inside!!! kinda high class haha
i like to check out new restaurants hehe
 kitchen :D
closed kitchen lol
we got this:
i had no breakfast yet, so i took the scrambled egg, bacon set haha
Chisato had pancakes with blueberry ^o^/
it was soooo good *o*

afterwards we walked to Shibuya for shopping and purikura!!!~~
hehehe <3

afterwards we went to Plaza in 109, cause i needed some new cosmetics :D
damn, i spent more than 100$ for this stuff hahaha but it was worth itttt~
it´s new D.U.P. eyelash glue (the best one!!), Dolly Wink tear drop pencil, Dolly Wink lashes, Dolly Wink mascara, Dolly Wink eyeliner, and 2 kinds of body spray :D
stuff for surviving 7 month in Germany!! Y__Y
photo time in INGNI haha

afterwards we went to H&M, and of course we liked the same clothes as always haha
last year we bought the same INGNI stuff, and on this day the same H&M dresses~
we got this one:
so pretty!!!
and Chisato bought also a black lace dress, which i also bought last december in Germany haha~~

afterwards we visited Ghost of Harlem and i got a new sweater~~ 
everything was on Sale!! yaaaay :D
really comfyyyy :)

we had dinner at Café Jr.!~
such a cheap place actually!!! we got a short cake, pasta and a drink for just 1200Yen!!!
and it tasted really good!!!
nomnomnom :D

afterwards we went to Purikura again, changed clothes in the bathroom and took Twin Style Purikura with our new dresses *0*/
i took a short video as well lol

here are some of the results :D
haha i love this one xD~~
unfortunately there was no time for purikura anymore ;o;
because i needed one hour to get home~~
but it was one of the best days i spent this time in Tokyo <333

Thank you for reading <3
bye bye


  1. Love that dress on you both.
    Looks cute and elegant at the same time.
    I especially like the purikura that looks like the cover of a fashion magazine.

    1. thank you :) <3
      we thought so too!! you can wear it for clubbing but also for casual style :D

  2. The food looks so yummy as usual! x3
    You look perfect! I love your lovely outfits x)

    ✿ Rinako ✿

    1. thank you so much for all your comments to my posts <3
      i am really happy *o* <3333

  3. you're wearing the sweetest dress ever in the first set of purikura!! where did ou get it, I think I just fell in love a little ww

    1. thank you so much ^^
      the first dress is from INGNI ^o^

  4. the pancakes and the strawberry cake look so damn good*___*
    your twin style dresses are so lovely as well:3

    1. it was really good :D <333
      thank youuu <3

  5. the strawberry cream cake is so perfect it looks unreal! *Q*

    1. thats true!!!! and it was sooo good hahaha :D