☆Japan - Tokyo 07.01.~☆

Hellooooo ^-^/ <3
time for a new post :D
on 7th of January i slept really long, cause i didn´t feel well~
caught a cold...which i have til now lol
so i got up about 11:00 and made breakfast~
 Good Morning from Bell and Schröder haha
The mom from Amandas husband prepared stuff for breakfast for me~
so cuteeee!!!
after 2 toasts and cream roll i went back to my room and tried to sleep again xD
and my cold got better actually~
in the afternoon Amanda and me went to Daiso~
i bought so much stuff X__X
on the way to Daiso xD
i had those as a kid!!! didn´t know that they still exist xD
than we found this purikura machine!! it´s really old! i guess from october 2008!
it´s called 恋乃音! (Koi Note)
you can just find those machines in Daiso~
one play costs just 200Yen!!
i really like this machine actually, cause the stamps are really nice!
you have a ton of sparkles, which you can´t find in any new machines from the last years....
ok we look horrible on the pics, cause we didn´t apply make up lol
but the designs and stamps are nice xD

afterwards we went home and Ryotas sister, her husband and her daughter Azusa were there :D
omg, Azusa is soooo cute!!! *_*
little pancake hehe *o* <3
Ryotas mom made dinner for us, it was sooo good!! 
she also bought strawberries!! *o*

it was a nice day, even if we just stayed in Adachi :D

thank you for reading <333

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