☆Japan - Tokyo 30/31.12.~☆

Hello everyone <3
How are you doing?? ^-^
damn i am so busy here in Tokyo, meeting friends every day!!! so much fun <3
today i want to talk about the 30th and 31st of January!!
on 30th i went to the Ayumi Hamasaki Countdown Live Concert with my friend Kazuki!
before that Amanda and me went to Shibuya, took Purikura, ate some Kebap, etc.
 new build primary school near Amandas house!~
Shibuya <3
puri with Amanda <3
haha :D
Kebap Lunch :D
than i met Kazuki about 16:00 at Omotesandô station!!~~
Yoyogi stadium :)
Ayu merchandise~~
we just bought the penlight though, cause the print was actually kinda ugly lol
we had super awesome seats!!!!
even better i had at last years CDL concert!!! and 3 times less the price LOL
AWESOME view!!!!!!!!!!
Ayu was amazing, like always!!! <3 ;0;


on 31st Eileen and me went to the Stylish Wave Countdown concert!
only reason, Royz and Born were there lol <333
we wanted to go to the hair make salon in Kabukicho before, but it was on holiday until the 5th...
so here are some random pics of kabukicho haha
we took some puri in kabukicho though ^^
 haha i love the last one lol
for lunch we had Udon and katsudon!! nomnom
than we went to Roppongi to the venue!
in front of the venue haha
at the Zeal Link booth we bought a signed "Egoist single"...ok we already own this one, but it was SIGNED!!! and we got a clear file and tons of SIGNED cards and a poster for freeeeee!!! so it was a MUST-HAVE lol
Subaruuuuu *^*/ <3
this was the playlist~~~
the concerts were really awesome!!~~
afterwards we went to Roppongi station and waited in Starbucks for Amanda!
the three of us headed to Shibuya, took some Purikura and went to Karaoke until 5:00am~

so much fun wwwww

Good Morning Adachi ^o^/
we really had a nice New Years!!!
on the first of January, we went to the cinema and watched Hunger Games 2!!! it was so cool!!! *o*

Thank you for reading <3


  1. happy new year (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  2. Aaahhh da warst du ja bei "unserem" Hotel im Kabukicho xDD die Hostwand war nur eine Querstraße weit weg wo wir auch immer einkaufen waren xD schön dass ihr so viel Spaß hattet!! :)
    Liebe Grüße

    1. hö? wo war euer hotel??? hinter der hostwand? xDDD
      kein schlechter anblick hahaha ;DDD