☆Japan - Tokyo 05.01.~☆

Hi everyone <3
todays post is about the 5th of January :D
we came home from clubbing about 8:00 in the morning~
 good morning Adachi :D
in the afternoon i went to Shibuya, to meet my friend Melissa!
 Black Buttler advertisement in the train! Mizushima Hiro <333 xD
109 againnnn~~
first we had lunch at the top floor~
at d.i.a. i bought a nice Top
and a new bag at Ober Tashe~
you can also use it as a bagpack~ really cuteeee~
afterwards we took Purikuraaaa <3
hehehehe :D
afterwards Melissa went home and i met Amanda, Hiro and Alice in front of Alice Café!~
we went to game center together :)
Amanda tried DDR :D
and we all played 太鼓の達人
it´s my favourite game at the game center btw :D
afterwards we said bye bye to Alice and Hiro, and Amanda and me went to Loft :)
new Rilakkuma schedule and calendar~
afterwards we took Purikura hehe
we went home about 22:00~ 
when we arrived Ryota (Amandas husband) asked if we want to go eat steak lol
so we had midnight dinner at a steak restaurant in Kanagawa (1hour by car lol)
 Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower by night!~ view from the car haha
the interior direction was so pretty!!!
and damn, it was also a really expensive place X___X
one steak starting at 3000Yen...xD
but it was the best steak i ever ate *^*/
nomnomnom!!!! <333
 thank you for reading and your comments <3
will reply to them soon <3


  1. I love the bag! ❤
    Purikura photos are so cute ❤

    ✿ Rinako ✿

    1. thank you for your lovely comment <3 :)
      i will follow your blog ^o^/

  2. Cute pictures, the puris are sooooo pretty! *___*

    1. thank you so much for all your comments <333~

  3. Replies
    1. hahahaha i totally understand you xD
      when i now look at the pics, i also want to eat steak lol

  4. the bag is really cute♥ I love bags, that you can use in different ways.

    nomnom steak xD

    1. yeeeees!!! it´s really so cute!!! i always wanted a 3way bag, but somehow never found one which i liked lol but this one was really nice, the colors etc hehe :D

      oh yes steaaaak :D

  5. Your bag is so cute. *___* Amazing photos. :3 This food looks yummy.


    1. thank youuu ^o^/
      the food is really goooood!!! <3 :D