☆Japan - Tokyo 02.01.~☆

Hello everyone <3
second post today :D
i stayed home all day, caue i caught a cold and i thought it might be better to rest, to be fit for the next days!
so now i wanna talk about the 2nd of January!
it was Fukubukuro hunting day haha~
Amanda and me went to Shinjuku about 13:00~
this was my outfit:
dress: Liz Lisa
blouse: Liz Lisa
tights: Tutuanna
shoes: Tamaris (i changed them to brown boots though haha)
we arrived in Shinjuku and went to Liz Lisa, to get the Liz Lisa キャリーバッグ!!
last year it was sold out in the morning, maybe within 1 hour...and this year they had tons of them lol
isn´t it pretty?!?! <3
 this was inside:
i shared the clothes with Amanda, cause i actually just wanted to have the luggage haha

afterwards we met Eileen and had lunch!
it was so crowded everywhere, so we decided for オムライス~
in the afternoon we took the train to Harajuku!
 entrance to Takeshita-street!
 people everywhere haha 
luckily i could put my Liz Lisa luggage into a locker at the station haha
first we took Purikura!!
i like this one :D
we had a "snack" at the burger restaurant near our beloved pancake store in a side street in Harajuku~
it was soooo good!!! *^*/
than we walked to Shibuya and went to HUB! oh i love the HUB :D
afterwards we took Purikura again!
 we walked back to Harajuku and had dinner at the HUB there lol
love u girlssss <3

it was such a nice day :D
thank you for reading <3


  1. congratulations on getting the trunk carry:3 yup this year they had A LOT. I think they even re-stocked them, when they were sold out in the online shop.
    your first outfit is so cute*-*

    1. thank you :D yes i think so too!!! they had a ton of trunk carries i guess lol....and last year they were fighting to get one lol...
      thank you :)

  2. I love your outfit! The red dress is so beautiful x)

    ✿ Rinako ✿

  3. Looks very cute and fun! Heehee, puri is so addictive ;D

    1. thank you for your comment <3 :) haha yes i agree xD puri is awesome!!! you never can get enough lol

  4. Oh ich bin ganz neidisch auf den Koffer + Inhalt ;A;

    1. der koffer is wirklich schön <3 den inhalt habe ich mit meiner freundin geteilt, da ich eigentlich nur den koffer wollte xD

  5. waaah amazing post!
    you have so many cute things, I'm jealous! ;3