☆Japan - Tokyo 28/29.12.~☆

Hello everyone <3
Greetings from Japan ^^
HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!
i hope you had a good start into the new year!!
here is a short update about my stay in Tokyo:
on 28th in the morning we went to Japan~
the flight was really long, like always haha
the sunrise in the morning was so beautiful!!
 we arrived at the terminal about 9:00 in the morning~
first we went to Amsterdam and changed planes haha
KLM is really nice!!

in the morning of the 29th we reached Tokyo-Narita airport, and my friend Amanda was already waiting for us with her husband.
she brought me yummy straight tea~~ ohhh i missed it so much ;o; <3
in the afternoon we went to a huge outlet park in saitama!
it was so nice there :D
and Ryota and Amanda bought a top for me!!
thank you so much <3
in the evening the whole family went to a yakiniku store !!! omg it was soooo good!!
i also got this from Amanda for christmas!!! ;o;
thank you so much <3333
so cute!!! <3
will update in the next days :D
see you !!!
thank you for reading <3


  1. I envy you again haha :D Waaah you are sooo sooo lucky :XXX Enjoy your stay there in Japan :) I'm really looking forward to your next updates ^^

    Mickey // http://spookypastel.blogspot.com/

    1. thank you xD i really had a great time in Japan so far <3

  2. Sounds like you arrived safely!
    I wish you the best time there now.... already forgot again how long you'll stay this time. ^^;

    1. yep i did :D thank you for your comment ^^
      it´s just 2 weeks though ;D

  3. Enjoy your time in Tokyo! You're so lucky girl ❤

    ✿ Rinako ✿