☆first days in Germany + GETS☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
so i´m back from Japan since Friday and well...i felt kind of tired the last days haha
on Sunday i went to my hometowm together with my parents~
we went to a park and had Bubble Tea!!
 lychee tea!! yumyum!
haha here i show my mom all the プリクラ we made!
on tuesday i went to my friends house!
her birthday was on 5th of October, so we celebrated from 4th to 5th haha
we ate pizza and watched her new NEWS dvd which i bought for her in Japan.
she also bought lemon beer and grapefruit beer for me !! thank you haha
some screenshots haha
Yamapiiii *___*
at 12:00 we ate this cake which i´ve bought before...but somehow it was too much chocolate haha
and she was happy about the presents i gave to her~ that´s great hehe 
oh and i also got a present haha
it´s a KAT-TUN poster ^___^/
 on Wednesday i met my friend Eileen in Berlin at 10:15 in the morning!
we went to the university ´cause we had some questions regarding our semester abroad!
afterwards we went to Neotokyo!
i could pick up my popteen magazines from August and September~!
and i also bought the MBLAQ - Mona Lisa mini album! *___*
afterwards we went to BUBBLES!!
caramel milk tea and yoghurt lemon tea!
we went to Eileens place and ate some sweets haha
we had a lot to talk about, ´cause we didn´t see each other for 4 weeks!
caramel choco latteee!!!
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  1. can't wait to see your tokyo haul xD

  2. Potsdam ist total schön, und bei dem Wetter XDDD Tolle Bilder!

    Bubble Tea gibts seit Kurzem auch in Düsseldorf und es ist immer voll da, total beliebt!! Aber wir werden da trotzdem hingehen XD

  3. I'm happy you went back home without problems!!! I'm really looking forward to see your gets!! *_____*

  4. Such beautiful scenery!
    And yummy foods! <3


  5. schöne bilder :D

    ich will bald auch mal nach potsdam <3
    shoppen?XD~ ♥
    ich weiß garnicht mehr wann ich zu letzt da war >_<
    jahre her :D