☆Tokyo Day 29☆-> Last day in Tokyo!

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???
 today was the last day we spent in Tokyo!
so i didn´t went anywhere today and just spent the day with taking some nice pics of the district we lived in, some shopping at the 100Yen store, packing my luggage and Karaoke at night~
 so here are some nice pics of the beautiful district Nishinippori, where we lived for 4 weeks now!
i went shopping and bought the last things from my list haha
at night we went to Karaoke!!!
afterwards we went to McD and ate our last Teriyaki Burger ;__;


  1. ahah, i lived once at nishinippori too xD

  2. Like your new photos! (^^)

  3. awww I really enjoyed all your japan posts so much! ♥♥ and im glad you had lots of fun!! (^ ^)

    really makes me nostalgic for Japan!

    & the town you lived in looks sooooo nice *0*

    please have a safe flight home ♥

  4. Jut so! Nochn Teriyaki Burger hinter die Kiemen hauen, dann passt der Tag <3
    Man der is so geil siffig....ich hab ihn geliebt <3 Mit einer Schüssel Reis zusammen...<3

  5. awww wirklich schöne und athmosphärische bilder *-*

  6. Some really nice photos! Looks like yo had a really good time there :D