☆Tôkyô Haul -> Liz Lisa☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
today i want to show you the Liz Lisa things which i´ve bought in Tokyo!ラブラブ!ラブラブ
well, Liz Lisa is my favourite brand, ´cause it´s super cute 
and you can combine the clothes so well with other brands!ニコニコチョキ
Liz Lisa store in SBY 109
in the beginning of the trip i bought a lovely little carpet for my room!ドキドキキラキラ
i also took a picture with the cute shop staff!カメラキラキラ
it´s in the shop in Harajuku! ラブラブチョキ
(i look so ugly so just look at the Liz Lisa staff あせるhaha)
than i bought a cute knitted sweater and a top with a little ribbon chain in the backアップリボン
i also took a pic together with the shop staff again!チョキ
(ugly me...!ガーン)
it was in SBY 109 ラブラブ
(thx to Sesin for taking those pics!音譜)
next time i found this super cute knitted cardigan and a matching skirt!ラブラブ!ドキドキ
this time i just took a pic from the shop staff! アップ
this was also in SBY 109! ニコニコ
 my next purchase was a brown knitted hat bought at Liz Lisa-ALTA in Shinjuku 帽子ラブラブ
i totaly love the ribbon attached on the side!リボンラブラブ!
the last thing i bought was a huge blanket for my bed!キラキラ
it´s the same print like the little carpet i bought in the beginning, so it matches perfectly!ニコニコチョキアップ
well, this was my Liz Lisa haul!ドキドキ
in the end my member card looked like thisクラッカー音譜
you´ll get one stamp for each 2000Yen you pay. 
so i spent nearly 18000Yen within 4 weeks just for Liz Lisa 叫び¥
oh and we got the latest Liz Lisa magazine with the new autumn collection!ワンピースラブラブ
so i made some pics for you!アップ
please enjoy ニコニコ
(klick at the pics to enlarge)
the new prints are really nice but last years collection was better i think.汗
(compared to the dresses ビックリマーク)
lately everyone goes crazy about this whole british style haha にひひイギリス2
(the magazine would have been better without this much Mizukitty!!...i don´t like her...シラーむかっ)
 well, i hope you enjoyed this post!ラブラブ
how do you like the new Liz Lisa collection?アップ
Thank you for reading!!キスマーク
oh and i have a new Blog Design now!チョキ
maybe you noticed? haha にひひ音譜
how do you like it?? ニコニコラブラブ


  1. I think you've got great stuff and you look gorgeous <3

  2. Ooh cute Liz Lisa stuff :) I loved the Liz Lisa store in Nagoya, even though it was a bit small and there was a HUGE sale the one time I went, so there were tons of girls running around and shop staff yelling over a microphone XD kind of hectic, but they had lots of cute things and they gave me a free Liz Lisa fan! I was tempted to buy some of their accessories since it was so cheap for their summer sale, but ended up going with something from my favorite brand, CECIL McBEE. Glad you got so much while being in Japan for such a short time! Great achievement ;)

  3. I really love the knitted sweater! <3

  4. Wow.. Ich bin ganz schön geflashed von deinem neuen Design!! das sieht hervorragend aus, muss ich sagen!!! *________*
    Zu genial um wahr zu sein xDDD
    Oh, du solltest mal Fotos machen, wenn du die Sachen an hast und dann einen Extrapost davon bloggen ;) Dann sieht man gleich, wie die Sachen an dir aussehen ^^
    Und die Collection ist an sich echt niedlich ^^ Typisch dieses braun für Herbst xDD Aber übelst niedlich!!!!!!!!

    Liebe Grüße von
    Koko =)

  5. Love everything! :-D


  6. Mir gefällt das neue Design sehr gut :)
    Es ist so niedlich ^^
    Und die Liz Lisa Klamotten sind LIEBE <3

  7. als erstes; OMG ICH BENEIDE DICH SO SEHR T_T!!
    Alles sieht so zucker süß auf und awwww <3 ich will auch *sobb*

    und dann noch;
    der neue header sieh schick aus <3

  8. the Liz Lisa clothes you bought are really cute *_*

  9. waaah I like your new layout, it's so cute xD pink and black. and those lizliza clothes, hope to see you wearing them XD

  10. <3 die sachen sind eifnach so LIEBE ♥ *_*
    die bilder sind auch sooo himmlisch schön <3

    haaach~ *beneid*
    liz lisa <33 mehr als LIEBE kann ich gerade nicht sagen XD hihi~

  11. You are totally beautiful and cute, stop STOP RIGHT NOW to say that you are ugly! You are super lucky too! Liz Lisa clothing are sooo cute.